inage of a checkered flag with the blog post title: 4 Steps to Reach Your Goal Faster

4 Steps to Reach Your Goal Faster

inage of a checkered flag with the blog post title: 4 Steps to Reach Your Goal Faster

This show is inspired by the Indy 500. We think the racing world offers some insights into how you can reach your goal faster!

Click the player to listen to this episode of The BIGG Success Show Podcast. Below is a summary of our discussion.

Horsepower equals speed to race car drivers. Generally speaking, the higher the horsepower of a car, the faster it will go.

When you’re trying to get the checkered flag in your profession, it pays to rev up your horsepower.

Let’s go to The Professor’s Whiteboard for 4 steps to reach your goal faster…

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Family Traditions

family_tradition.jpgBigg success is life on your own terms. The five elements of bigg success are money, time, growth, work and play. Today we’ll focus on play.




marylynnGeorge and I were talking recently about family traditions. Two significant terms: family and tradition. Of course, when we think of family, we think of those closest to us.



Whew … I wasn’t sure where you were headed with that last sentence, Mary-Lynn!



See, I was nice! Merriam-Webster says it’s the basic unit in society.



Tradition is the handing down of customs or practices from generation to generation.



marylynnWe’re familiar with the old saying, “Out with the old, in with the new.” That’s all well and good, but sometimes we should say, “In with the old.”



georgeAt my advanced age, I’m glad to hear that. I’m in! You make a great point, Mary-Lynn. We have a tendency to think “old” is unnecessary. Out of style. Out of date. That “new” is better.


We dismiss what’s always been done. However, family traditions bind us together with our past. They are an important part of understanding who we are.

They are part of our history. We study history to provide meaning to our present and guidance for our future.


A bigg reunion


georgeRecently, we attended a family reunion. It’s my dad’s mom’s side of the family. The picture on our post today is from the reunion. It’s my nephew, David, with his son, Collin, my cousin Johnny and me. This reunion’s been an annual event since before I was born. It’s still going strong.



marylynnI love it … especially the annual softball game! Your family really gets into it. There’s a lot of taunting back and forth. Although, this year, we were outgunned pretty badly.



But you made the catch of the game, Mary-Lynn.



marylynnYeah, I caught a fly ball deep in right field. I earned a new nickname – Snowcone – because so much of the ball was showing out of my glove.


It’s always a great time for catching up with extended family that we often only see this one time of the year. It’s a great tradition!

A bigg race

We have a friend who takes his son to the Indy 500 every year. When he was a boy, his Dad took him. He looked forward to it every year. He’s continuing the tradition with his own son.

A bigg start

While we’re on this subject of tradition, think about starting your own. All traditions had to start sometime, right? Plan an event at a regular interval, like every year. It’s a great way to make sure you spend time with those who are most important to you. Everybody gets it on their calendars because it’s a regular event.

What are your family traditions?

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Please join us next time when we discuss a surprising way of saving money now without depriving yourself. Until then, here’s to your bigg success!


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(Pictured in today's post: George with his nephew David, great nephew Collin, & cousin John)

Image of car speeding by at the Indy 500

5 Ways to Stop Racing in Circles So You Can Succeed Bigg

Image of car speeding by at the Indy 500

The Indy 500 is this weekend. Now we’re fans of racing, but if you think about it, these drivers are just racing in circles. They drive around the same circle again and again. The fastest one to do it 200 times … to drive 500 miles … is the winner. But they haven’t gone anywhere. They finish in the same place that they started!

But the winner gets to drink milk!

Of course, winning races does take you places. But outside the racing world, if we just go racing in circles, continuing to do the same things, over and over again, we end up in the same place that we started.

Then we wonder why?

So we try working harder. However, we’re still doing the same things, so we just get back to the same place faster. But the problem is – we’re still in the same place! We haven’t gone anywhere.

So we just keep racing in circles, over and over again. Never making any progress. We have a lot of activity, but very little (if anything) to show for it. We can’t move past this one spot.

Speaking of over and over again, here’s a statement to read over and over again until you have it memorized …

If I continue to do what I’ve always done,
then the best I can expect is what I already have.

5 ways to quit racing in circles

#1 – Get out of your comfort zone.
Don’t be afraid to try something new. If you never push yourself beyond what you already know, you’ll never grow.

#2 – Identify what’s holding you back.
This could be your work place, certain relationships, personal habits, negative thinking, or any number of other things. What’s busting your dreams? What’s crushing your spirit?

#3 – Do the right things.
You know where you want to go. Everything you do should take you in that direction. Anything that doesn’t … doesn’t need to be done.

#4 – Work smarter.
Think about how you spend your time. It’s the most precious resource you have. Find ways to do the things you do more efficiently.

#5 – Get help.
Be it a coach or a mentor or some other advisor. If you’ve tried everything you know to try, bring in support. Don’t be afraid to pay for this investment in yourself.

Our BIGG quote today is by Barbara Sher:

“Real obstacles don’t take you in circles. They can
be overcome. Invented ones are like a maze.”

So to get to the winner’s circle, avoid the obstacles you create yourself.

Next time, we ask, “Are you A leader or THE leader?” Until then, here’s to your BIGG success!

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(Image by Global Jet,CC 2.0)

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How Fast Can You Type?

By Bigg Success Staff

Test Yourself


Speed isn’t everything, but learning to type faster is definitely an asset! Test how fast you type with this quick typing test  from CalculatorCat.

You’ll know in a hurry how many words you can type in a minute.

Before you go, here are some quick tips to type faster:

  • Relax.
  • Sit up in your chair.
  • Put your feet flat on the ground.
  • Get comfortable with your arms, elbows, and wrists. Your arms should hang down comfortably, elbows resting on your chair, with your wrists on your keyboard.
  • Look at what you’re typing, not your keyboard.
  • Don’t hit the keys too hard or too soft.
  • Don’t force it. Just type as quickly as you can.
  • Practice! Practice! Practice!

On your mark, get set….GO!

Hear today's lesson and laugh on The Bigg Success Show. 

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Bigg Fun 26

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Success in Your Own Business Requires a Good Pit Crew

By Bigg Success Staff

Bigg Success in Business


Every driver in the Indy 500 realizes the importance of a great pit crew. A pit crew can mean the difference between victory and defeat. As the owner of your own business, you also need a good pit crew. You’re the driver, but your crew gives you the edge you need.

Your professional advisors are:

Your accountant
Your accountant will help you determine the best entity for your business, along with your attorney, for tax purposes. They will also help you set up your books so you know how you’re performing. They can help you determine your best tax strategies. They can refer you to other advisors and capital providers.

Your attorney
Your attorney will recommend the best entity in which to hold your business to minimize your liability and accomplish your goals. They will also help you understand the formalities that need to be maintained to protect your personal liabilities. They will advise you on your business dealings and help you when the unexpected situation arises. They can also refer you to other advisors and capital providers.

Your insurance broker

Your insurance broker will help you maintain adequate coverage for your assets and will also help you manage your risk. They will recommend the types of coverage you need as well as the level of coverage you should maintain. They will help you understand where your unexpected losses might occur and help you develop programs to reduce the risk of loss.

Your financial planner

Your financial planner will help you plan for your retirement. They will help you determine which plan is right for you, your company, and your employees. They will help you set up and maintain this plan. They can also help you determine the best allocation for the assets in your portfolio so you achieve the greatest return given the risk you’re willing to accept.

Your coaches

Your coaches will prod you on when you’re up and lend support when you’re down. They will give you someone to be accountable to so you accomplish what you set out to do. They will give you an outsider’s perspective – an objective look – at this business to which you’re so close. They will help you get to the next level of success.

Hear today’s lesson and laugh on The Bigg Success Show.