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Is Jealousy the Secret of Success?

secret to success | BIGG SuccessHow do you feel when someone you know suddenly achieves BIGG success?

As humans, it’s not unnatural to compare your progress to others.

It’s a trap…and a tool

Of course, judging yourself by the success of others can be a trap. BIGG success is life on your own terms, after all.

It’s most important to compare yourself to yourself:

How far have you come in the last year?

How different does your future look now compared to then?

If you’ve made meaningful progress, give yourself a pat on the back.

Of course, comparing yourself to others can also be a useful tool. But you must first dispel one term in the question we asked at the beginning – “suddenly”.

Almost no one “suddenly” achieves BIGG success. It takes years of work – hard work, smart work, focused work, etc. – to reach the heights you want.

Okay, you know that. But at times, you may still feel a little twinge of jealousy.

The bad side of jealousy

Most people think jealousy is a bad thing. And it can be…

It is a very bad thing if it causes you to resent the person who succeeded. They may be the very person to help you reach BIGG success. After all, they know how they did it!

It can also serve as a de-motivator. You may find yourself in a downward spiral when you compare yourself to others. You know the drill:

You tell yourself you’re not good enough, you don’t deserve it. You wonder why it was so easy for them. You tell yourself that other people get all the breaks.


You are good enough. You do deserve it. It’s highly likely it was NOT easy for them. They probably MADE their break.

They may have had resources you don’t have. That’s okay. It may take a little longer but your story will be even better. Your BIGG success will be that much sweeter.

The good side of jealousy

The other side of jealousy is inspiration. Some people get inspired without experiencing any jealousy. They feel happy for people who succeed wildly. Good for them.

It’s okay if you feel a little jealous. But it’s not okay to JUST feel a little jealous. It has to light a fire within you! It has to motivate you.

So get off your you-know-what and do something about it! Get inspired! They’ve shown you what YOU can do. So go! Do it!

If you know you haven’t given it everything, then give your all.

If what you’re doing now isn’t getting where you want to go, then do something else.

Keep pushing and before you know it, other people will be jealous of you! Oops, we meant to say inspired.

Let us know if we can help you. We’ve designed a very affordable a la carte coaching package for people who just need a little one-time guidance. To check it out (and our other coaching programs) click here.

Until next time, here’s to your BIGG success!

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Are You Afraid of Success?

afraid We won’t name names. However, we’ve all seen it – usually with a celebrity – a person who is on the verge of bigg success, but then they go through a meltdown.



We wonder what could have caused it. Usually, it’s a very individual thing but there are some common reasons:

#1 – Self-doubt
You’re not sure that you can handle bigg success. You worry about what you don’t know. You dwell on what you don’t have (a common worry is not having the right degree). You tell yourself all the reasons why you don’t deserve this level of success, even though you’re so close to it.

#2 – Fear of loss
If you become more successful than your friends, what will they think? Will they still be your friends? Will they be jealous of your success? You know the answer to these questions already. What kind of friend wouldn’t be thrilled with your bigg success?

#3 – Fear of embarrassment
This fear is a carry-over from childhood – that adolescent fear of standing out from the group. You’re afraid of what people will think if they see you fail. Which leads us to …

#4 – Fear of failure
You may think that it’s better to have never experienced bigg success, than to have it and then lose it. Somehow it’s better to never get there. But why do you assume it will be fleeting?

The net result is that we talk ourselves out of succeeding bigg. We accept that it’s better to be part of the crowd than to blaze our own trail. We feel more comfortable. It seems less risky. But we’re wrong!

How to conquer your fear of bigg success

#1 – Self-talk is so important.


marylynnAs a first-time entrepreneur, fear has crept in on occasion. I’ve been lucky to have George around. He’s helped me understand that negative self-talk isn’t going to help you succeed. You have to turn it around.



georgeEven as an experienced business owner, I still have to battle that little voice that impedes bigg success. You just have to constantly keep telling yourself why you will do it.


Think of all the things you’ve done right to get this far. Remind yourself of the obstacles that you faced and how you overcame them. Focus on the things that have already gone your way.

#2 – You don’t have to get it perfect; you just have to keep going.
It certainly hasn’t been perfect up to this point, has it? So why would it have to be perfect from here on out? Enjoy the journey. Enjoy the growth you’re experiencing.

Every time we reach another plateau, we celebrate our victory. Then we look back and realize the victory had already occurred. We grew. We learned so much. That’s the real joy of bigg success!

#3 – Success comes one level at a time.
Sure you have to keep your eye on that ultimate goal. But you get there one step at a time. You only have to take the next step.

You’ve learned enough to know how to do that. Perhaps more importantly, you’ve already learned how to find out anything you don’t already know.

#4 – Surround yourself with people who have made it.
We can’t possibly over-emphasize this point. Develop a support network of mentors and coaches. People who were once where you are now, but are now where you want to be.

Don’t be afraid to take those little steps that lead to bigg success!


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Evidence shows that more and more of us are running two businesses simultaneously. Next time, we’ll get some tips from an expert who’s doing just that. Until then, here’s to your bigg success!


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