Do You Treat Your Customers Like a Lover or a Spouse?

abandoned loveHe stood at the bar, surrounded by people…yet all alone.

Music. Talk. Laughter. A blender. Noise. He was aware of them all but his thoughts were even louder.

Why did she leave me? Why doesn’t she love me anymore?

She used to be his biggest fan. She used to tell him so.

And she never stopped telling others how much she loved him. She said so…on Facebook and Twitter and in real life.

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When they first got together, people said they were a perfect match. He looked out for her needs. He took care of her. His passion was visible to everyone.

But over time, he began to take her for granted. He thought she would always stick with him. She would always be a fan.

She would catch him looking at others. At first it was just a glance. But the glances showed more interest as time went by. He didn’t think she noticed; he was wrong.

She also noticed that he didn’t look out for her like he used to. He just didn’t seem to care as much.

The passion was gone. But she wondered if he still loved her.

He seemed more distant. It seemed like he found others more interesting than her.

It used to be just the opposite. No one was like her. He was devoted to her. But now it had come to this.

She couldn’t take it anymore. She left him.

She started buying from his competitor.

His competitor shows the same kind of passion for her that he used to show. She hopes this relationship lasts.

It’s complicated…but if it works out, she’ll talk about him on Facebook and Twitter and everywhere else she can.

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Michael Port on Book Yourself Solid Part 1

Book Yourself SolidOn the BIGG Success Show today, we were thrilled to visit with Michael Port. Michael is a coach, a speaker and a New York Times best-selling author of four books. He recently updated his first book – Book Yourself Solid. Now one of the best marketing books ever written is even better.



Listen to the podcast, the first half of our conversation to learn:

*How Michael is living life on his own terms and how he’s gone from actor to author. (His acting credits include roles in: Sex in the City, Third WatchThe Guiding Light, The Pelican Brief and more.)

*Why he calls “Book Yourself Solid” a love story disguised as a business book.

*Why marketing doesn’t get you clients.

*What the four modules for marketing are in the Book Yourself Solid “Seven Course Self Promotion Strategy.”

Visit to download two free chapters of the new updated and expanded edition of the book. Michael says it contains ninety-eight new pages, system improvements, and major rewrites to reflect how the world of marketing has changed.

When you download the free chapters, you’ll learn about personal branding and how to expand your network to meet the right people who can open doors for you.

Next time, find out how Michael’s “Red Velvet Rope Policy” helps you book the clients you want.

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