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Ben Franklin Got It Wrong

Change. A word that sparks fear in many people.

We work to get to that comfortable spot, and we want to stay there.

“Nothing is certain except death and taxes.”
Ben Franklin

We think he got it wrong, not in the message, but in the semantics. We think he should have explicitly included change as something that is certain, rather than making it implicit in his quote.  

Will you lead or follow?

Even when it’s change that we’re creating ourselves, it can be scary. But it’s especially frightening when it’s a surprise.

For example, picture Jane telling her boss that she’s accepted a new position. She’s going to experience change. But isn’t that more comfortable than Jane’s boss telling her that her job is being eliminated?

It’s better to be a leader of change than a follower.

Who’s in control?
However, you can’t always control change. What you can control all the time is how you choose to respond to it.

You can also try to anticipate it. For example, as technology continues to develop, change is occurring more and more rapidly. Isn’t it safe to assume that this will continue?

So you have a choice to make. You either develop the skills to anticipate change so you get ahead of it or you just respond to it, after the pain becomes too great to do anything else.

Bigg action item – Separate the change into fads and trends
There are fads and there are trends. Fads come and go, so don’t worry about them. Trends are long-term. Get on board with them.

Divide a sheet into two columns – one called “Fads” and the other called “Trends”.  In your chosen career, think about the things affecting your industry. Now start putting those changes into the appropriate column.

What will affect your future income? Something will – for good or for bad!

Is it a short-term phenomenon? Or is it likely to continue? You can position yourself properly by seeing the change coming.

What opportunities will be created? What skills will be important? Do you have them? Can you get them?

Develop a plan for what you need to do to position yourself to take advantage of the trends.

Where do I get this information?

We’ll look at two examples. Search for the name of your industry followed by the word “association”. For example, “beauty salon association” yielded a half-dozen or so associations in Google.

You can also subscribe to magazines for your industry, or just about any industry you’re interested in following. They’re often free, supported by the advertisers. Amazon has an excellent resource that lists magazines by industry. It’s an extensive list!

So there are a number of ways to get the information you need so you can embrace change rather than begrudge it.


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Personal Branding Magazine

By Bigg Success Staff

New and Notable

personal_branding_jpgThere’s a new magazine that we thought you would find interesting. As its name suggests, Personal Branding Magazine helps you build your brand so you get the most out of your life.They publish a new issue every three months.

They feature Sergey Brin and Larry Page, the founders of Google, on the cover of their most recent issue. The story that goes with that article, “Your Brand Can’t Hide from Google”, explains why it’s so important for you to exist on Google.

Here’s a snippet of the article:

“As the world transitions to social networks,
if you’re not online, you have a disadvantage.”

Dan Schawbel, who wrote the article (and is also the publisher of the magazine), explains that now is a great time to become more “searchable” and offers some great tips to do so.

There are 24 more articles in this issue, which is consistent with their first two. We think you’ll learn a lot from this magazine!

But don’t take our word for it. You can get a free sample issue so you can determine if it’s for you.You can subscribe to the magazine for less than $13 a year. And they donate fifty percent of the proceeds to the American Cancer Society!How’s that for a deal? You get help and you get to help at the same time!

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