Value Yourself for BIGG Success

5 Tips to Get Recognition for Your True Value

Value Yourself for BIGG Success
Would you like to get recognition for your true value? Then value yourself. Here are five ways:

  • Stop beating yourself up

Quit reminding yourself of what you don’t have. Stop thinking about what you haven’t done.

  • Acknowledge your progress

Think about where you started. Think about this time last year. See how much you’ve learned? See how far you’ve come? Give yourself a pat on the back for all you’ve accomplished.

  • Stop comparing yourself to others

When you see someone who has achieved more than you, reread the previous point. They may not have started where you started. They may have had resources you didn’t have. They may have had a little extra luck come their way. Cut yourself some slack and keep pushing.

  • Focus on your strengths

Stop worrying about your weaknesses. Focus on what you do well. What’s easy for you to do? What do others turn to you for? Value your strengths.

  • Promote yourself

As valuable as you are, you won’t go very far if no one knows it. Humility and self-marketing are not mutually exclusive! When you accomplish something, just share the good news! You’ll encourage others and gain recognition for yourself. Other people will value you more when you value yourself more. Recognize your true value for your BIGG success!

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Is Debt a Tool for Success?

cut debt | BIGG SuccessA recent study from Ohio State University shows that Gen Y feels empowered by debt. Participants with higher levels of debt reported both a higher self-esteem and a sense of mastery.

Now, you might think it was because they took on debt to pay for their education. But the researchers thought about that, too.

They found that education debt increased the feeling of well-being among participants in this nationwide study. But so did credit card debt.

Can you blame these young people for thinking this way? Didn’t many people in the two generations before them feel the same way at one time?

Buy now, pay later

Buy now and pay later. It sounds great now. But now becomes later faster than one expects.

It may feel great now. But it can lead to misery later.

Debt is a tool

You have to know how to use debt to get the results you want.

  • Debt can be good or bad. The walls of fame are paved with people who used debt to accomplish something BIGG. But so are the graveyards of shame.
  • Debt solves timing problems if used correctly. Buy an asset that returns 8% using debt that costs you 6% and you will increase your wealth.
  • Debt creates money problems if used incorrectly. Invest in an asset that only returns 5% with debt that costs you 6% and you will destroy the wealth you already have.

Want to feel poor? Become a slave to debt by investing in low return (or no return or worse) assets.

Want to feel empowered? Focus on building your net worth.

BIGG success is life on your own terms. Your terms, not your banker’s.

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Why Women and Men Should Not Compete

gender_symbolPicture a group of adults given a task to perform. Research has shown that, if one adult performs worse than his or her peers on that task, it will result in a loss of self-esteem. Furthermore, that person is likely to perform more poorly on that same task in the future.



Now put a group of four- to five-years old kids in the same situation. There is no affect on the child who didn’t perform as well as his or her peers.

So what do kids know that we adults have forgotten?
They think they can learn new tricks, they can adapt. We adults think that an old dog can’t be taught new tricks!

Kids also think they can try harder next time and make up the difference. Isn’t that a healthy attitude? So why don’t we think that as adults?

Have we been beat down too many times? Are we too hard on ourselves? Do we want to think that things should come easily for us?

Life will throw you curve bills. On the path to bigg success, there will be times when you try and you don’t succeed. It’s important to learn from your mistakes, but we often learn the wrong lesson.

Learn. Adapt. Then double your efforts.

Don’t compete with the opposite sex
A more recent study at the University of Michigan showed that kids can be affected by competition. Little girls respond negatively if a little boy does better on a task. Little boys respond likewise – there’s a damaging impact if a little girl does better.

So what can we conclude? Should we learn that women shouldn’t try to compete with men? Or that men shouldn’t try to compete with women?

See them as a role model, not competition
There will almost certainly always be somebody better. If not, maybe a good dose of humility is in order! But rather than comparing yourself to that person and getting discouraged, look at that person as a role model.

You are where you are. They are where you want to be. See what you can learn from them so you get to where they are.

Chances are they got started earlier. Chances are they’ve put more time in. Chances are they’ve gotten a few lucky breaks – the kind of luck that comes to people who put themselves out there and take calculated risks.

So don’t see them as competition; look at them as a role model.

Don’t compete with others at all

But there’s a higher order – a higher level of consciousness regarding comparisons. Here it is:

Don’t compete with anyone else – man, woman or beast!

Compete with yourself.

Find that thing you at which you excel. Then strive to improve a little bit every day – day after day, the “new you” competing against the “old you”.

Focus on making yourself the best competitor you could ever encounter! Have you ever noticed that a great competitor brings out the best in his or her opponents?

Become your own best competitor and you’ll be a bigg success!


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The Most Important Person to Love

loveDo you remember the old song, If Loving You is Wrong, I Don’t Want to be Right? We have our own version here at Bigg Success. It goes like this, If loving ME is wrong, I don’t want to be right.”

We’re talking about this today because we often treat other people better than we treat ourselves. For example, we would never say to someone else, “You suck.” Do we say some version of that to ourselves?




marylynn This is a great topic for me, because I can be very self-critical. I would never say to my best friend, or a colleague, or even George (I’m saying that with a smile in my voice), some of the things I say to myself.


For whatever reason, we think it’s okay to speak to ourselves differently than we would someone else. We don’t filter it at all. We don’t think about presentation. It’s so incredibly important – especially when we’re talking to ourselves.


marylynn I think it has to do with our expectations. For some reason, I’ll expect myself to be absolutely perfect on absolutely everything. I’m setting myself up for failure.



georgeWe’re not promoting a religion or trying to convert you to anything. However, as we prepared for this show, I remembered a verse from the Bible. Jesus said, “Love your neighbor as yourself.” We often focus so much on “love your neighbor” that we forget about “as yourself.” Inherent in this quote is this – if you don’t love yourself, you can’t love your neighbor.


Yet somehow we think we can. Somehow we think we don’t have to care about ourselves, but we can care about others. We don’t have to give to ourselves, but we do give to others. That leads to a feeling of emptiness.

It may be our human nature – we do care about other people. We do reach out to others. Often we put ourselves second, but we should put ourselves EQUAL to our neighbor.

It’s important to give to others. We get a lot of fulfillment out of serving others. But we also need to give to ourselves, to serve ourselves. Otherwise, our well runs dry.

Hey, another song comes to mind – Love, Love Me Do!

4 ways to show the love to yourself   

#1 – Cut yourself some slack!


georgeWe’re human – we shouldn’t expect ourselves to be super-human. I always think I can get more done than is humanly possible. I come by it honestly … my dad was the same way! I think I can take one more phone call and still make that next appointment on time. Then I get upset with myself when I can’t do it. I’m still learning to live on human time.


#2 – Edit that self-talk


marylynn I have learned to constantly monitor my self-talk. It’s easy to be negative but what good does that do? How does that help you achieve your goal? How does that help you make any changes?


This is a bigg one. When you’re getting ready to tell yourself something, think about it. If it’s negative, stop dead in your tracks. You have to do it, because if you don’t, you’ll get discouraged. It’s a habit you have to break. Look for a good, positive solution instead.

#3 – Pamper yourself

We pamper other people. We celebrate other people’s victories. We congratulate them when they do something well. We wish them happy birthday.

Celebrate your birthday. It’s baloney to say you don’t celebrate them any more. You should. It’s your birthday, for crying out loud! Pamper yourself, too. Treat yourself just like you would your best friend.

#4 – Get in touch with yourself


marylynn It’s a simple thing I do every day. I go for a walk. It serves two purposes for me – I get some exercise and I get outside of myself. I enjoy watching the squirrels play in the tree and the fishies in the lake near our home. It’s a good to get away and it’s good for me. It makes me feel good. Do those little things every day that make you feel good, that get you in touch with yourself and what you love.



georgeMary-Lynn’s comment made me think of another song title … When I think about ME, I touch myself!


How do you show yourself the love? Share with us by leaving a comment.


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Review: The Greatest Miracle In The World

By Bigg Success Staff

Book Review

The Greatest Miracle in The World book cover

The Greatest Miracle In The World

Og Mandino is one of our favorite authors here at Bigg Success. He’s most known for his best selling book, The Greatest Salesman in the World*, where he tells the story of poor boy named Hafid sells his way to a life of great riches.

However, our favorite Og’s book is The Greatest Miracle in the World*. When you need a boost, this book will serve you well.

Og remains true to his great story-telling form in this book. He combines his real life world as editor of Success magazine with a fictional character, Simon. Simon is a sage old gent, who keeps an apartment near Og’s office.

The book describes a series of conversations at Simon’s apartment between these two men. Here’s a sneak peak inside the book at an early conversation between Og and Simon.

The Ragpicker
“’What do you do, Simon? Do you have a job?’

The old man hesitated for a several moments. Then he smiled again, spread his hands in a self-effacing gesture and said, ‘I am a ragpicker, Mister Og.’

Simon reached across, placed his hand on my shoulder and squeezed it gently. ‘By definition, Mister Og, a ragpicker is one who picks up rags and other waste materials from the streets and junk heaps to earn a livelihood. I would imagine that sort of ragpicker has almost disappeared from the American scene during these years of nearly full employment, but we could see them again if conditions change.’

‘I doubt it. Our crime rate seems to be telling us that we’ve discovered faster and easier ways of laying our hands on a buck – like mugging, armed robbery, and burglary.’

‘I’m afraid that what you say is true, Mister Og. Still, in this day of soaring prices for paper and metals, I would imagine that a ragpicker or junk man could do quite well for himself. However, I am not that sort of ragpicker. I seek more valuable materials than old newspapers and aluminum beer cans. I search out waste materials of the human kind, people who have been discarded by others, or even themselves, people who still have great potential but have lost their self-esteem and their desire for a better life. When I find them I try to change their lives for the better, give them a new sense of hope and direction, and help them return from their living death … which to me is the greatest miracle in the world.’”

4 rules to make your life a miracle
The book leads up to a final message from Simon. In his last words to Og, he outlines four rules to make your life a miracle.

    • Count your blessings.

You possess every skill, every talent, and every requirement to do great things with your life. Be thankful for it.

    • Proclaim your rarity.

In the history of the world, there has never been anyone just like you. There never will be. What is such a treasure worth? You are priceless! Don’t devalue yourself.

    • Go another mile.

Excellence is what is required from someone as rare as you. Mediocrity will not suffice. Give more than is expected of you.

    • Use wisely your power of choice.

Note the word “power” – there is power in our choices. Power for good or evil. Power to grow. Power to wither. Power to create or destroy. Will you choose to make your life a miracle?

One final note – this book does have religious connotations. If that’s going to offend you, you’ll miss out on a great book, we say somewhat tongue-in-cheek. Seriously, though, there are great lessons in this book no matter what your religious beliefs are, or even if you just don’t buy into religion at all.

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