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How to Be Successful Like a Super Bowl Pro

how to be a success like a sports champ

Hear George & Mary-Lynn share 13 lessons on how to be successful. Click play to listen to this episode of the BIGG Success Show.

Super Bowl champs know how to be successful. We take away some “How to be Successful” Lessons from the two teams in this year’s Super Bowl: the New England Patriots and the Seattle Seahawks.

How to be successful like the New England Patriots

The New England Patriots lost their first game of the season, something they hadn’t done for over a decade. Worse yet, all the other teams in their Division won. So they started the season in last place.

  • “How to be Successful” Lesson 1: Winners start in last place sometimes.

– – – – –

This kick-in-the-seat propelled them to a decisive victory in their second game. But they weren’t able to sustain the momentum.

  • “How to be Successful” Lesson 2: Do everything you can to maintain momentum once you get it.

– – – – –

They eked out a victory in their third game, but it was a close call. Late in the game, their opponents scored a touchdown to tie the score. Fortunately for the Patriots, it was called back due to a holding penalty.

  • “How to be Successful” Lesson 3: Sometimes winning isn’t about what you do right; it comes from what your competition does wrong.

– – – – –

Next up, a Monday Night Football game against the Kansas City Chiefs. The crowd in Kansas set a record for noise level. The large TV audience watched the Chiefs thump the Patriots 41 – 14. It was the second largest loss Bill Belichick had experienced in his time as the Patriots’ Head Coach.

  • “How to be Successful” Lesson 4: Even winners face embarrassing losses from time to time.

– – – – –

In what may have been a precursor to #DeflateGate, Patriots’ Quarterback Tom Brady couldn’t keep his hands on the ball. He fumbled twice, one which the Chiefs recovered. He threw two interceptions.

  • “How to be Successful” Lesson 5: Even legends have bad days. They reboot and recover, instead of crashing and crying.

– – – – –

Brady was benched in the fourth quarter. His rookie replacement quickly marched the team down the field for a touchdown.

  • “How to be Successful” Lesson 6: Accept that others will shine at times (usually on your worst days).

– – – – –

The Monday Night massacre created speculation that the Bellichick-Brady era was over. It had been a good run: five straight Division titles, three consecutive Conference Championship appearances, and three Super Bowl victories.

  • “How to be Successful” Lesson 7: It doesn’t matter what the critics believe. Your belief will make the difference.

– – – – –

During the post-game interview, Belichick was asked if his time had passed. He simply replied, “We’re on to Cincinnati,” referring to their next game. The Patriots won their next seven games.

  • “How to be Successful” Lesson 8: If you lose, shake it off and focus exclusively on your next game. Your lowest low often precedes the beginning of your run to BIGG success.

How to be successful like the Seattle Seahawks

The Seattle Seahawks started their season as defending Super Bowl champs. It was their first in the 38-year history of the franchise.

  • “How to be Successful” Lesson 9: Recognize that there’s a long, winding, bumpy road to BIGG success. But you don’t have to take 38 years!

– – – – –

They opened the season with a decisive victory, but they struggled to a 3-3 record, including a rare loss at home to the Dallas Cowboys. The press wrote the Seahawks off. They didn’t listen. They finished the season with a 9-1 run.

  • “How to be Successful” Lesson 10: Contrary to the popular saying, success does NOT breed success. It creates fertile ground for failure OR success. You determine which way it goes.

– – – – –

The Seahawks breezed through their first playoff game. It was quite a feat. In the preceding decade, no defending Super Bowl champ had won a post-season game. Four of them hadn’t even made the playoffs.

  • “How to be Successful” Lesson 11: When you’re the market leader, your competition brings its A-game.

– – – – –

The Seahawks faced the Green Bay Packers for the Conference Championship. Interestingly, like the Patriots, the Packers had a slow start to their season, creating angst in their fans.

  • “How to be Successful” Lesson 12: Winners lose, but they don’t quit. They adapt quickly and push harder.

– – – – –

The Packers dominated the first half and held their own for most of the second. With just three minutes left, the Seahawks were down 19-7. The Seahawks made one of the greatest comebacks in NFL history. They tied the score to send the game into overtime. Then scored the game-winning touchdown on their first possession.

– – – – –

Keep these thirteen lessons in mind for your BIGG success!

What “how to be successful” lessons have you learned from watching sports?

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What are You Planning for 2012?

calendarYou may think the title is a mistake. It isn’t. We meant to say 2012.

Everybody’s thinking about, talking about, writing about 2011. What your goals are for this year? What are your New Year’s resolutions?



BIGG success is life on your own terms. There are five elements of BIGG success; one of them is time.

What’s your horizon?
Time has many dimensions. One of them is your horizon.

For many people, the horizon is today. They live in the moment. That’s all well and good. You certainly need to do that sometimes.

However, the people who are already a BIGG success have a longer horizon. They live presently in the future.

Entrepreneuring = a series of projects
As we’ve said, BIGG success is life on your own terms. The “own” in that phrase is very important. You own your life.

You’re more than a manager marketing a brand. You’re not just a CEO who can cash out at any time. You’re the entrepreneur in charge of a very important enterprise – your life.

Any entrepreneurial enterprise can be viewed as a series of projects. You take on projects to get the business launched. You take on projects for customers. You take on projects to build critical infrastructure.

What successful people do
Talk to any really successful person about what they’re working on right now and you’ll probably hear that it is something due late this year or early next. Sure, they’re working today but it’s for a project scheduled to be completed later.

Think about movies … they often take years before we see the finished product. Or even television shows … as we’re watching this season’s Survivor, they’re filming the next season.

If every project in your portfolio is short-term, it’s unlikely you’ll ever reach BIGG success. You must extend your horizon and expand your vision. You must think longer and bigger.

Otherwise, you’ll end up stuck. You’ll never reach the next level of success. 

Sure, you’ll be busy. But, like George Jetson, you’ll be crying: Jane, stop this crazy thing … HELP … Jane!

What projects are in your pipeline?

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The One Ingredient That Guarantees Your Success

Successful people are a diverse group. Some are outgoing while others are extroverts. You have creative types and analytical people. They do however share a few commonalities.

One of those was displayed by Thomas Edison. The great inventor obtained over 1,000 patents in his lifetime. But did you know that it took Edison about 10,000 tries to finally invent the light bulb? If at first you don’t succeed, try 10,000 times again!

The one must-have ingredient to succeed is persistence!

History is ripe with example of people whose greatest success came after their biggest failure. So today we’ll discuss three persistence principles – things you can do to keep on keeping on.

#1 – Believe in yourself and your idea.
You need to almost be stubborn about it. Have faith – not a blind faith, but a “calculated faith”. We often think of “calculated risk” – this is similar. You have insight that others may not.

You’ve done your research. You may have a unique perspective based on your education and experiences. You have confidence in your plan. Trust your instincts and push on!

#2 – Keep your spirit up.
There are a number of ways to do this; find those that work for you. You may read success stories. Or keep your batteries charged by hanging out with positive people. Get a good night’s sleep … or take a nap. Get some exercise. Whatever it is, plan some time daily to keep your flame burning so you can keep pushing, no matter what obstacles come your way!

#3 – Welcome failure.
Imagine if Edison had quit after two tries, or 5,000 … or just one time short of his great invention? Learn to recognize failure for what it is – progress toward success.

Take the example of great sales people. The numbers are different for different industries, but think of this example – a sales person knows that he has to make ten calls to get two appointments. He has to have two appointments to make a sale. He fails ninety percent of the time. But here’s what he knows …

The sooner he gets through those nine failures, the sooner he succeeds!

Here’s a story that illustrates the importance of persistence. It comes from Think and Grow Rich, the great book by Napoleon Hill.

During the days of the gold rush, a young man went west to find his fortune. He staked a claim and went to work. A few weeks later, after much work with no reward, he discovered gold!

He quickly raised the money to buy the equipment he needed to mine the gold. He started drilling, but then the vein disappeared. He kept drilling, but to no avail. In desperation, he quit and went home a poor man.

Some time later, it was discovered that he had stopped just three short feet of one of the richest deposits of gold in the United States.

Don’t stop three feet from success – be persistent!

What do you do to keep going? We’d love to hear from you!
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Our Bigg Quote today is by the great author and speaker Brian Tracy:

“Remember you only have to succeed the last time.”

Here are two things to add to your list of things that are certain –
(1) you will face obstacles on the way to success, and
(2) you will succeed bigg if you persist.

Next time, with all this talk of persisting, we thought we’d throw a curve ball your way – we’re going to talk about when to quit. What are the signs that it’s time to move on?

Until then, here’s to your bigg success!