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A Super Bowl Champ Lays it on the Line Part 1

laying-it-on-the-line-bookcoverToday we begin our three-part series with Howard Griffith, two-time Superbowl winner, Studio analyst for Big Ten Network, co-host for ESPN Radio Chicago, entrepreneur, speaker & author of the book Laying it on the Line.

Howard is regarded as one of the NFL’s best blocking backs, “the Human Plow” and he holds the NCAA record for most touchdowns in a game. In fact…he’s made a career out of breaking records!

His book Laying it on the Line charts his football and life journey from Chicago’s south side to the Super Bowl and it’s a fascinating story!

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During our interview in this podcast segment:

  • Howard talks about his struggle in high school being able to play the position he wanted to play…which wasn’t fullback!
  • Howard tells us how and why his attitude changed about the position he would play after getting drafted out of the University of Illinois in to the NFL. He offers great lessons in life and personal growth.
  • Also, find out how you need to shift your thinking to excel in your career.

Visit to get your copy of the great book,
Laying it on the Line

Next time, Howard tells us about how we can apply “The Drill” philosophy in our career and business, how self-discipline is key to achieving your goals, and how preparing for the Super Bowl is different than preparing for any other game.

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