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The Only Two Traits You Need for Success as an Entrepreneur

2 traits that lead to BIGG Success as an entrepreneurWe’ve been doing some research about the history of the term “entrepreneur.” And we uncovered an interesting fact.

At least we think so; we hope you do too!

Origins of entrepreneur

According to the Online Etymology Dictionary, “entrepreneur” originates in the French language. It is the “agent noun” for “entreprendre”, which means undertake.

So entrepreneurs are undertakers? We weren’t sure we liked that.

So we did some more research. Thanks to The Word Detective, we learned that “undertaker” was used more generally until late in the 17th century (e.g. contractors).

At that time, funeral directors began using the term to describe their occupation. It turned out that was the death (we couldn’t resist!) of the word for everyone else.

However, to this day, the primary definition of “undertaker” – according to Merriam-Webster – is “one that undertakes: one that takes the risk and management of business: entrepreneur”.

Kind of interesting, eh? But we didn’t really know what to say about it until we saw this…

The second trait

We recently listened to a conversation between Bob Burg and Josh Hinds two of our favorite people. They chatted about Josh’s fantastic book, It’s Your Life – Live Big. (Yes, we’ve teased Josh about spelling “BIGG” wrong!)

In the title to his post, Bob called Josh an “overcomer.” It’s one great way to describe Josh. He has Tourette’s syndrome. But he didn’t let that slow him down. Not only is he an author, he is an entrepreneur and speaker!

One word – overcomer. Suddenly the scales fell off the eyes. The world was clear again.

BIGG success comes second

You can be an entrepreneur with just the first trait. You can be an undertaker.

But BIGG success as an entrepreneur comes from the second one – you have to be an overcomer.

However, you won’t have anything to overcome if you never undertake!

It’s the two together that pack the punch.

Undertake. Overcome. It’s all you need to do to be a BIGG success!

What have you overcome? How did you do it?

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How to Live Big – Part 1

We’re happy to welcome Josh Hinds back to The BIGG Success Show. Besides being one of the best people you could ever hope to meet, Josh is one of the pioneers of personal development online. He’s here today to talk about his new book – It’s Your Life, Live BIG.

The book will be released in June, but Josh gave us a sneak peak and we LOVE it. But we wanted you to hear about it straight from the man himself.

Josh’s book opens with a very frank revelation. He has Tourette’s. And of all things he could have chosen to do, he decided to be a public speaker! Not a combination most people would think of. Learn about Josh’s journey and how he overcame is fears.

Click a player to hear Josh talk with George & Mary-Lynn on The BIGG Success Show Podcast! (Duration 8:35)

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We also talk about:

  • Why his original idea was to simply be a conduit to share personal and professional resources as a hobby.
  • What he thought his only option was because of  his Tourette’s syndrome.
  • How the opportunities that came his way shaped his philosophy of “It’s Your Life, Live BIG“.
  • The revelations Josh learned at an early age working in the family business and how helped him become a pioneer of personal development online.

You can get a sneak peak of Josh’s book now for FREE here.

Next time find out why Josh says ability isn’t the reason many people don’t feel successful, and find out what is!

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