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5 Activities to Be Healthy Wealthy and Wise

Back-to-School on chalkboardThis is the final show in our ten-show series on lifelong learning. Today we’ll discuss five activities that will make you healthy, wealthy and wise all at the same time.

Now we’ll warn you – these activities require some multi-tasking. We usually suggest less multi-tasking but these are things ideally suited for doing more than one thing at a time.
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Back-to-School on chalkboardIt’s Back to School season. Summer is about over. For the kids, it’s time to crack the books again. But they shouldn’t have all the fun!

So we’re going to focus on lifelong learning this week and next. Over the next three days, we’ll discuss the basics – the 3 R’s we learned in school. Today we’ll look at reading.

Do you suppose that we read more today than we’ve ever read before? It sure seems like it as much as many of us read online.
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Game Date

games We’re sitting here on a cold winter’s night. It’s too cold to go out, but who needs to anyway?

The stereo’s cranking tunes in the background. The fireplace is going. We made hot chocolate. And we’re playing Battleship!



It’s what people used to do in the “days of yore” (we couldn’t resist the cheesy reference) – invest a few bucks in a board game, spend time together as a family, and have some fun.

We don’t often think about it, but games aren’t just child’s play. They’re a great way to relax and refine crucial skills at the same time.


marylynnLike Battleship. Obviously it’s a strategy game, but I find that it also helps me with concentration and memorization.



georgeOr you can create a system. Like I use the pegs to record what I’ve said that was a direct hit. Just like the real world, learning to create systems helps make life easier.


You can build up your vocabulary by playing Scrabble. We would say more about this but we’re at a loss for words!

How about Operation? It will help you focus on your manual dexterity. Trivial Pursuit is a great way to build up your knowledge, but you will also find some great conversation starters, or conversational continuers. Just don’t turn into another Cliff Claven … constantly spouting off things nobody cares about!

Yes, we’re spending an evening together – enjoying the competition and the relaxation – but we’re not spending any money! So make a game date – it’s an economical way to refine your skills while relaxing and having fun with your family and friends!


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We’re so thankful you chose to spend some time with us today. Join us next time when we talk about a controversial issue – should you and your spouse have separate accounts? Until then, here’s to your bigg success!


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