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The Only Two Traits You Need for Success as an Entrepreneur

2 traits that lead to BIGG Success as an entrepreneurWe’ve been doing some research about the history of the term “entrepreneur.” And we uncovered an interesting fact.

At least we think so; we hope you do too!

Origins of entrepreneur

According to the Online Etymology Dictionary, “entrepreneur” originates in the French language. It is the “agent noun” for “entreprendre”, which means undertake.

So entrepreneurs are undertakers? We weren’t sure we liked that.

So we did some more research. Thanks to The Word Detective, we learned that “undertaker” was used more generally until late in the 17th century (e.g. contractors).

At that time, funeral directors began using the term to describe their occupation. It turned out that was the death (we couldn’t resist!) of the word for everyone else.

However, to this day, the primary definition of “undertaker” – according to Merriam-Webster – is “one that undertakes: one that takes the risk and management of business: entrepreneur”.

Kind of interesting, eh? But we didn’t really know what to say about it until we saw this…

The second trait

We recently listened to a conversation between Bob Burg and Josh Hinds two of our favorite people. They chatted about Josh’s fantastic book, It’s Your Life – Live Big. (Yes, we’ve teased Josh about spelling “BIGG” wrong!)

In the title to his post, Bob called Josh an “overcomer.” It’s one great way to describe Josh. He has Tourette’s syndrome. But he didn’t let that slow him down. Not only is he an author, he is an entrepreneur and speaker!

One word – overcomer. Suddenly the scales fell off the eyes. The world was clear again.

BIGG success comes second

You can be an entrepreneur with just the first trait. You can be an undertaker.

But BIGG success as an entrepreneur comes from the second one – you have to be an overcomer.

However, you won’t have anything to overcome if you never undertake!

It’s the two together that pack the punch.

Undertake. Overcome. It’s all you need to do to be a BIGG success!

What have you overcome? How did you do it?

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Success is a Journey Full of Stories

the stories of your life for BIGG SuccessHere’s a fun, little fact you may not know. Have you ever wondered why the floors of a building are called “stories”?

It goes all the way back to the fourteenth century, according to Word Detective. Back then, building practices called for a row of paintings or sculptures on each floor which told a story.

Hence, the levels of a building came to be called “stories”. It’s the reason why many churches have stained glass windows.

BIGG success is reached one floor at a time. You won’t find an express elevator that takes you to the top. There’s not even an escalator.

You have to personally climb the stairway to BIGG success. You do it one level at a time. You get to the next level by taking the next step.

It’s not easy. Matter of fact, that’s too much of an understatement – it’s downright hard at times.

You’ll get tired. You’ll feel like you’ve used your last ounce of energy. You’ll get discouraged.

But you won’t be defeated. Somehow, some way, you’ll keep climbing. Step after step. Floor after floor. Until you reach your dream.

But here’s some consolation for the journey: You’re creating a story, your story. You’re not a one-hit wonder. Just like the buildings of our ancestors – you’re developing a series of stories, one layered on top of the next.

Question: What’s a story without conflict? Answer: Boring!

BIGG success is life on your own terms. It’s a destination, a point you’re trying to reach, a dream you want to live out for real.

But success is a journey too. It’s a journey that prepares you, each step of the way, for your ultimate success.

You will face strife on the journey to success. The strife will make you stronger. It will prepare you for the BIGG things ahead for you.

So keep climbing. Keep building. Press on. So you’ll live happily ever after. It leads to BIGG success! The end.

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