BIGG Success reasons to work from home

47 Reasons to Work at Home for Success as an Entrepreneur

BIGG Success reasons to work from home

This is our 848th episode of The BIGG Success Show. And we did something we’ve never done before.

Except for when the audio bits don’t translate well to text, our blog posts usually mirror our podcast episodes pretty closely. We know some people prefer to read and others don’t have a choice because they’re deaf.

But today we’re separating the two – same topic, two formats. We’ll give you the list here. Then we picked out five of our favorites and talked about them.

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We know working at home isn’t for everyone. And, of course, there are some downsides to it. However…

We love to work at home. And recent news has added to the list of reasons why.

So here are our 47 reasons to work at home:

1) Avoid the flu (and other sicknesses). You won’t be as likely to get it because you’re not in direct contact with as many people.

2) Escape the elements. You can plan your schedule so you don’t have to be out as often in extreme weather.

3) Your very own “executive washroom”. No more sharing the restroom.

4) Freshly ground coffee or loose-leaf tea, like what our friends Dan and Patrick offer at Tiesta Tea.

5) Great coffee maker, not the cheap discount variety.

6) Two words: real cream! Not the powdered stuff.

7) Walk to work, without breaking a sweat or having to bundle up.

8) The Hawkeye Pierce Dress Code. Some days, all you need is a robe (or PJs or sweats)!

9) Save money on clothes. See previous point for explanation.

10) No cubicle. Work outdoors, on your back deck.

11) No boundaries. Tired of being at home? Work at a coffee shop or the library. Who cares, as long as you meet your deadlines?

12) Take your work with you. Closely related to the last one, but it reinforces the point that you can be productive anywhere and everywhere with WiFi.

13) More bread (Part 1) – You can make homemade bread while you work.

14) More bread (Part 2) – You make more money because you’re more productive by wasting less time.

15) You can dance if you want to, because nobody IS watching.

16) The world is your oyster. You’re not limited to finding customers and clients in your own backyard.

17) Be in the moment for life’s precious moments. Experience your kids’ firsts first-hand. And why stop with them? How about your spouse? You’re able to attend events, easily pause for a moment to enjoy the best life has to give.

18) Be a night owl OR the early bird. As long as you get your work done, who cares when you do it? We just don’t recommend you try to do both!

19) Shop when they’ve dropped themselves off at work. Save time by running your errands while everyone else is at the office. We love this one because we hate waiting in long lines!

20) One word: Naps! Sure, you could nap at your desk, but that comfy couch is only steps away.

21) Quiet time, like when you were in kindergarten. Only now it gives you space to create.

22) Just-in-time life flow. Jump between your personal and professional worlds in a moment. Be there for your spouse and kids when you’re needed. Work when necessary.

23) More friction for meetings. You’re less available for impromptu meetings. You know the kind – the ones primarily held because of someone else’s agenda.

24) Help save the environment. When you don’t commute 30 minutes to 3 hours a day, you have a lower carbon footprint.

25) Less noise pollution – from the daily commute next to the beater without a muffler to the nutty co-worker screaming the lyrics to the song they’re “silently” listening to.

26) Fresh air. If you want the windows open, open the windows!

27) No alarm clock. Wake up when you want to, naturally – according to your own circadian rhythm.

28) You don’t have to bring home the bacon; the bacon brings you to home. You save money by not going out for lunch because lunch is only steps away.

29) You can sing a song, sing a song of songs. Sing it out. Sing it strong.

31) No more office politics.

32) Your workspace is perfectly designed by you for you. It’s the opposite of having one designed by someone who doesn’t know you that looks like everyone else’s.

33) Travel more. You’re used to working remotely. Just pack up your mobile office with everything else and go!

34) No more chatty co-workers walking by, dropping in and wasting countless amounts your time.

35) Release your creative creature. You’re free to think without interruption for longer periods of time.

36) You choose the background noise. It may be silence, music that fits your mood or anything else you want.

37) You work without working. It doesn’t feel like work when you love what you do and you’re not trapped to a schedule or a location.

38) You get evaluated on what counts. The metric changes from “being there” to “getting results”. It doesn’t matter how many hours you put in. You’re free to invest your energy and effort on accomplishing BIGG things, even if it takes less time.

39) Planning AND spontaneity. We believe in planning your work and working your plan. But you some spice in your life and sometimes spontaneity is the order of the day! For us, this often means an afternoon drive into the country to walk along a river.

40) Optimal prioritization. You can focus on what’s most important – personally and professionally – each week, each day and even each moment. It’s easier to do when there is no distance between your workplace and your living space.

41) Less stress. It won’t go away, but at least you won’t be dealing with the driver flying from lane to lane, the boss looking over your shoulder, the incompetent co-worker, and…well, you get the idea.

42) Who’s the boss of you? YOU!

43) More flexibility than Stretch Armstrong!

44) You control the climate, for a change. No more “He’s too hot”, “She’s too cold”. Like Goldilocks, you get to pick the temperature that is just right!

45) More control. It’s not just the temperature. You’re simply more in control of your schedule, your environment, your work and your life.

46) More independence. You get to choose what’s best for you and your situation. But it’s not a selfish pursuit. It’s the pursuit of self-awareness and self-satisfaction.

47) More freedom. You’re free to be yourself, to live up to your full potential, to live life on your own terms by making more money, more meaningfully and more dependably. That’s BIGG success!

What do you love about working from home or about the idea of doing so?

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Tips to Manage More Than One Business from Home

afraid We were fortunate today to visit with Grant Griffiths on The Bigg Success Show. Grant is the President and Founder of G2 Web Media, a firm that designs custom blogs for individuals and businesses. He is also the man behind Home Office Warrior and Blog for Profit.




One thing we need to add to your list of credentials is that you’re a recovering lawyer.



That’s right. I went through the twelve step program and I’m now recovering!



georgeYou have so many things going on, Grant, and that’s a bigg trend for entrepreneurs now – to find multiple streams of income. We’d like you to share some tips on how you juggle it all with the attention it needs.



grantFirst, don’t pick businesses or income streams just for the sake of doing it. You have to be passionate about each one. For me, blogging is a passion; working at home is a passion. I spend a lot of time working, which is one of the advantages of working out a home office.



If you can’t sleep at 2 in the morning, you can get up and get something done, right?



grantWhich is exactly what I was doing last night at 1 o’clock! One thing I do is really take advantage of technology. When you work out of your home, you have low overhead. Since we do, we shouldn’t cut corners when it comes to the technology because that is the key to being productive.



What are some tools that you can’t live without?



grantI use the MacBook because I can take my office with me so I stay connected to my clients and freelancers. The other tool that I would not be without is my iPhone. A PDA smartphone is essential because you can’t always have your computer with you. Basically, I’m accessible and can access anything I need to 24 / 7. I may have created my own monster! But to do what we do, you have to stay connected because you really are the company.



You left a traditional career to do this. What was your first step?



grantI started blogging to promote my law practice a month after I moved my firm to my home office. I wanted to control overhead and I enjoy technology. I was looking for some other way, rather than spending thousands of dollars a year on Yellow Pages, to market my practice. I spent about six months investigating blogging because, frankly, I just didn’t get it! I think that’s a problem a lot of people have – figuring out how blogging is really marketing.



georgeIf a business owner wants to start marketing their business through blogging, how would you suggest they get started if they’ve never done it before?



grantIn my view, the first thing you have to do is pick out a niche – the more narrow you can make it, the better. Once you decide on that, start reading other blogs in that area. Don’t be discouraged that there are other bloggers in your niche because, if anything, that just shows you that maybe you’re on the right track with what you want to blog about. Jump in the conversation by commenting on blogs that you like. Drop a blogger an e-mail and ask them for help. Then just do it – do one, don’t over-think it.



How do you stay sane?



grantHave a very understanding spouse! Spend time with your spouse and children. Get out of the home office – take your laptop and run to your favorite coffee shop or whatever – to be around other people.



Yeah, don’t turn into a hermit!



grantWell, I tell people that my wife stuck me in the basement to keep me out of her hair! Another way to stay sane is to create your own water cooler. That’s where social media comes in. I’ve gotten some of the best answers to my questions by using LinkedIn and Twitter.



georgeAnd I always find great articles to read thanks to Grant’s tweets. He’s one of my favorite tweeple!


We recommend to all of our audience who are on Twitter – follow Grant! Thanks so much for the great advice, Grant!


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Next time, we’ll ask a question – should we try to get kids to be more like adults or get adults to be more like kids? Until then, here’s to your bigg success!


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5 Ways to Determine if a Work-at-Home Opportunity is Legitimate

By Bigg Success Staff

Home Office


More and more people are working at home. If you’re disciplined, it’s a fantastic way to balance work and life. You may be able to schedule your work time around your family time. You don’t have to spend all that time commuting back and forth to the office. There are so many benefits!

The problem is there is also no shortage of scams. Many of these claim that riches will follow. All you have to do is sign on to their program. That’s not a lie – they’ll get rich at your expense!

So how do you determine if the opportunity you’re looking at is legitimate? Here are 5 ways:

#1 – Earnings claims
Does the company you’re considering make claims about how much you’ll make? Legitimate operators won’t do this without telling you the number and percentage of people who actually achieved it. Why? Because it’s against the law! If they do, ask for documented proof and then move on to the next step.

#2 – Get references

Along with the documented proof, ask them to provide references for you to contact. If they’re a legitimate operator with real people making real money, they should be happy to do this. Just be aware that it’s likely that they’ll only steer you to their top operators.

#3 – Quality check
Does their web site and other promotional material look like those of a business serious about building a long-term future? Or do they look like they were put together in a hurry with a small amount of money? You only want to deal with quality operations.

#4 – Internet search
Simply type in the company name to see what you get. Also try entering the company’s name along with words such as “complaints”, “rip off”, “scam”, and “problems”.

Just because you don’t find anything doesn’t mean the opportunity is legitimate. Some scam artists don’t reveal their name or they operate under more than one name. Basically, they make sure they’re a moving target so they’re harder to catch.

#5 – Third-party sources

Check with agencies that receive reports of scams and fraudulent opportunity. The Better Business Bureau, the Federal Trade Commission, and the National Fraud Information Center are three examples.

You’ll find great resources for investigating business opportunities and also get information on specific companies.

Technology is making working at home a realistic possibility for a rapidly growing number of people. But as with any other opportunity, you have to do your due diligence to make sure you’re not wasting time … and money.

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