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Can You Spot A Liar?

By Bigg Success Staff

Test Yourself


Here’s a fun little quiz from the great people at Reader’s Digest. It will test your ability to tell if someone’s lying. There are only ten questions, but a whole lot of information.

You’ll learn to look for clues in a person’s voice level, speech rate and breathing pattern.
What to look for in their body language. Words that liars tend to avoid.

Can you tell from a person’s smile if they’re telling the truth? Take the quiz and find out.
You’ll also see what inconsistencies have to do with lying – in behavior and posture. Learn how to spot lies in written form – letters, e-mails, and resumes.

Finally, see what eye contact, or lack thereof, may mean about truthfulness. 

Link: Can You Spot A Liar Test

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