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Stop Trying To Balance Your Life

By Bigg Success Staff

Work – Life Balance


Are you finding it difficult to balance your professional and personal lives?

Stop trying – live them both simultaneously!

Do you love to travel, but find that your work often gets in the way?

Stop trying – get away and work!

Would you like more family-time, but something always trips you up?

Stop trying – take a trip with your family and keep on working!

That’s what working travelers do. They quit trying to balance their lives. They just live it all at once!

More and more people are doing this – combining travel and work. We’re not talking about traveling FOR work; these people work AND travel.
It’s a fairly short distance from working in an office to working anywhere you want. A lot of people have found a way out of the daily grind. They work from home rather than commuting to an office.

They use technology to keep in touch – cellular phones, a notebook computer, internet access, and the like.

If you can do the work from home, can’t you do it anywhere? In many cases, the answer is a resounding “Yes”!

You can be free while you work! Free to travel to places you’ve always wanted to go. All you need is cellular service and an internet connection. No one will even know you’re gone!

Doesn’t it sound wonderful?

Well, there are some downsides. It’s hard to have pets when you’re a globetrotter. You won’t see your extended family and your friends as much. You may sacrifice other hobbies you enjoy, like gardening.

However, you’ll be exposed to different cultures. You’ll experience the rest of the world. You’ll make new friends. Every day will be an adventure!

To get started, dip your toes in the water. Take an extended vacation. Then you can plan ever longer vacations.

As you travel and work, allow for downtime over and above the travel time. In addition to getting set up, you might have some jet lag. Give yourself time to settle in, and get settled, before scheduling any heavy-duty work.

If you’re interested in exploring this lifestyle more, there are two great resources on the internet: NuNomad and Laptop Hobo. Both of these sites are ripe with resources for getting started and connecting with fellow working travelers.

Why try to balance your work and home lives. Live them both as one!

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