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Does This Date Work For You?

By Bigg Success Staff

Work – Life Balance

mr_right_jpg Do you remember studying with friends in college? You met at the library, the coffee shop, or a favorite restaurant. You studied and talked and laughed. It was fun and productive at the same time.

Young people are starting businesses at a record rate, complete with all the pressures that go with it. The corporate world is more and more demanding.

It’s tough to have both a career and a social life. Or is it?

Welcome to the world of the “working date”.

And this need not just apply to singles. Get away with your significant other and still get some work done.

But it has to work for both of you. You can’t expect someone to “keep themselves busy” while you work. They need to buy into it; they have to have their own work to do.

That’s why a new test for compatible relationships is to find someone as career-oriented as you are. They will understand when you have to work. You can do the same when the roles are reversed.

So how do you make working dates work?

Make it clear upfront.
This may seem like a no-brainer, but it’s often broken. Make it clear when you’re setting it up that you have work to do. Explain why it’s so important for you to get this work done – you have a deadline, you’re a little behind, etc.

Let them opt out by offering a time when you can give them your full attention.

Establish the ground rules
You may have work that requires intense concentration. You need undisturbed time, but still want to be with your date. If they understand that, all is good. Plan for some breaks in your work – it’s good for you and the relationship if you get away from it, even for fifteen minutes. Other work may allow for interruptions.

Discuss your mutual needs so you get your work done and get on to the fun!

Set a time limit
You should reward yourself, and your date, for your discipline. Set a time when you will quit working. Then get your work done so you can socialize! Remember, all work and no play?

It should still be fun
Seems obvious, right? Apparently, it’s not. Think about the work you need to do. If it requires 100 percent of your attention, don’t make a date. Either you won’t have any fun on your date or you won’t get your work done because you’re distracted.

Plan another time.

EVERY date shouldn’t be a working date

You can’t build a career or a relationship if you never get away from work. If you always have work that HAS to be done, you have too much work! If you never want to just be with someone, without the distractions of work, either you’re not that interested in them or you have an issue with intimacy. You’ll have to figure that one out!

Like many people, you may find that blending your professional and personal life is the best way to keep it all in balance. Make a date that works! 

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