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Get Out Your Magic 8 Ball for Your Next Important Decision

By Bigg Success Staff

Life Skills


Use a magic 8 ball to make your next decision? Sounds preposterous!

But it works!

This is really a simple four-step process to help you when you’re having trouble making a decision. You’ve done all the research you need to do. Now it’s decision time. You know it, but somehow you just can’t decide. 

So get out your Magic 8 Ball and proceed:

Step 1: Frame your options into an either / or choice.

Step 2: Take one of the choices and turn it into a “Yes” / “No” question.

Step 3: Now see what your Magic 8 Ball says.

Step 4: How do you feel about the answer?

Are you glad to see the answer? Or are you surprised, perhaps even disappointed?

That’s your intuition talking to you.

Simply complex

This simple decision-making process is actually more complex than it seems. You’ve done your research. You’ve probably even formed an opinion.

Now you’re being required to frame your question in the simplest manner. That alone may have some benefits. It requires you to cut through all the clutter to get to the essence of the issue. Even if you don’t use the Magic 8 Ball, it’s a step in the right direction.

After you get your answer from the Magic 8 Ball, you see what your gut reaction is. Gut reactions, when backed by a reasonable amount of research, often prove to produce good results.

The primary thing is it moves your decision along, because once you have all the information you need, delaying your decision rarely helps.

Magic 8 Ball, is this a great decision-making tool?

Signs point to yes!

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