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10 Laws of Survival and Success

By Bigg Success Staff

Bigg Book Review 


It all started as a speech. The speech was received so well that Mark Amtower wrote a book from it – Why Epiphanies Never Occur to Couch Potatoes.

Mark, a noted consultant, speaker, radio host, and author, thinks that everyone experiences epiphanies that help us understand reality. However, not everyone recognizes them for what they are – nuggets of wisdom that will make a difference in your life.

We highly recommend this book to you, especially if you’re the leader of an organization. However, it is a great read for anyone who wants to take the high road through life.

At its essence, this book is about adopting an ethical standard for living. That standard, which leads to survival and success, springs from these ten laws: 

#10 – The Law of Tithing
The more successful you are, the more you must contribute to your community.

#9 – The Law of the Food Chain

You must accurately define your market position to maintain momentum.

#8 – The Law of Communication
Simply and truthfully state who you are and what you do.

#7 – The Law of Fidelity

Be loyal to people with influence in your personal and professional life or you may be viewed as unstable and untrustworthy.

#6 – The Law of Divine Right to Attention
You will receive the amount of attention you deserve, base on the value you deliver.

#5 – The Law of Spontaneous Generation
You gain both mindshare and market share incrementally, not instantly.

#4 – The Law of Market Ownership

Market share is rented, not owned. Remain humble and continue to learn.

#3 – The Law of Creation

Epiphanies are worthless without action. Action creates more epiphanies.

#2 – The Law of Leverage
If you live in accordance with the previous eight laws, you’ll be hard to move.

#1 – The Law of Gravitational Pull
If you’re in harmony with the previous nine laws, people will be pulled to you and your chosen niche.

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