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Insist on a Weekly Report Before You List Your House with a Realtor

By Bigg Success Staff

Life Changes


You’ve listed your house for sale with a realtor. Days, even weeks, have gone by with no apparent interest in your house. You start to get anxious. What’s going on?

So you call your realtor. He or she tells you what’s being done to market your house. You discuss some alternatives. You hang up your phone and you feel better.

But in a few days, you still don’t see any potential buyers so you call again. Is your realtor doing anything? So you call your realtor again. And once again, after talking with him or her, you feel better about what’s being done to move your house.

Then a few days later … well, you get the picture!

There’s a better way – insist on a weekly report before you list your property with your realtor.

4 Pointers for the Report


You don’t need a detailed written report from your realtor. After all, you want him or her focusing on finding buyers, not talking to you! However, your realtor should be able to get you up-to-speed on what’s going on in a few minutes.

Agree to how the report will be delivered. It can be a phone call or an e-mail. See what your realtor prefers. If it’s a phone call, take notes and e-mail them to your realtor for review to make sure you accurately understood what was said.

You want to know what’s been done to market your product. Get a feeling for the number of times your house has been shown, any comments that were made, and any suggestions your realtor may have now.

Your contact with your realtor should conclude by discussing your alternatives. We’ll discuss this more in our next article on selling your house.

Getting a weekly report from your realtor serves two purposes:

  • It keeps your realtor accountable
  • It keeps you from bugging them too much!

You’ll feel less stress if you communicate regularly with your realtor. You may also be able to make some adjustments as new information becomes available.

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