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The Other Pause that Refreshes

By Bigg Success Staff

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In 1929, Coca-Cola proudly proclaimed that Coke was the pause that refreshes. In your communication tool box, you can also use a pause to refresh. 

That is, you can pause to refresh.

Pause when someone is talking to you.
When you’re having a conversation with someone, one of the most important things you can demonstrate is that you are listening attentively. After they make a point, pause before you reply to show them you’re listening carefully.

Pausing also insures that you don’t interrupt them. Perhaps they’re just catching their breath before continuing. By giving them a second or two, you’ll know if they want to add to their point or if they’ve truly completed their thought.

It also gives you time to fully digest what they said so your response will be better. For example, you may need to ask a follow-up question to clarify something you didn’t completely understand.

Pause when you are talking.
You can use pauses to your advantage when you’re doing the talking as well. Pausing gives them time to fully comprehend what you said. For example, you may see something in their body language or facial expression that suggests confusion. Follow-up to make sure they understood your message.

Sometimes, by pausing, they’ll immediately interject a question or a point. Perhaps they didn’t understand something you said. If you continue talking, they’ll be mentally trapped with the point that needs clarification, so they won’t hear you anyway. Pause to give them time to ask questions or make a point.

Pausing when you’re talking also signals that you’re not a conversation hog. You show them that you’re interested in a two-way dialog and that you value their input. 

Pausing is a useful communication tool for both sides of your conversation. Use it to build trust and make sure your message is understood. Too many people are so focused on what they’re saying or going to say that they fail to actually communicate. Pausing is refreshing!

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