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Stand Up for Yourself … to Yourself

By Bigg Success Staff

Life Skills


This may surprise you, but learning how to talk to yourself is a crucial skill in your bigg success. We all engage in self-talk. But is your self-talk productive?

Do you ever say something to yourself that you would never say to anyone else? Things that you know would hurt them? Or make them upset, maybe even angry?

Then, why do you say them to yourself? And why do you let yourself get away with saying them to yourself?

Defend yourself
Don’t allow yourself to talk to yourself any differently than you would talk to someone else. Because you are likely to come to believe anything that you tell yourself if you don’t stand up for yourself to yourself.

Sounds kind of funny, doesn’t it? Stand up for yourself to yourself.

But it’s likely that you let yourself get away with things that you wouldn’t put up with in others. You would respond in any number of ways – from discontinuing the relationship to outright confrontation.

However, you can’t end your relationship with you! So, you have to confront you!

Tell yourself that you won’t put up with that kind of talk. You’re not the type of person who tears people down. You encourage people. You support them. You’re their friend.

You need to extend the same courtesy to yourself!

How to talk to yourself

You need to learn to encourage yourself. You be your best source of support. Your best friend.

Until you learn to give yourself these wonderful things, it will be hard for you to give them to others without draining your reservoir.

So learn to talk to yourself. Learn to rebut negative comments. Learn to freely offer yourself positive affirmations. Talk to yourself like you’re a good friend.

It’s hard to break old habits. But be vigilant in telling yourself that you will succeed. Give yourself credit when you do well. Cut yourself some slack when things don’t go your way. Remind yourself of the lessons you learned so you do better next time because now you’re one step closer to success!

The most important person to learn to talk to is you!

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