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Remain Flexible to Sell Your House Faster

By Bigg Success Staff

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As we’ve said before, we highly recommend that you sell your house through a qualified realtor. They will help you sell your house faster than it otherwise would.

As part of listing your house for sale, discuss contingency plans with your realtor. Specifically, discuss “what if”. Here are a few scenarios you may consider, depending on the circumstances at the time you list your house for sale:

  • What if enough people aren’t looking at it?
  • What if it doesn’t sell by a certain time?
  • What if the whole market is weak?
  • What if financing is tough to get?

Answering these questions upfront helps you plan logically. If you wait until you’re into the sales process to think about them, you may respond emotionally and against your best interests.

You should also discuss these alternatives, as well as new possibilities, as part of your 505 weekly report from your realtor].  He or she may suggest that you drop your price, offer an additional incentive to the buyers, spruce something up, and more.

These things may entice more people to look at your house and the more people who look at it, the more likely one of them will buy it. It is definitely a numbers game!

Your house is likely to sell faster if you listen to your realtor’s advice and remain flexible. As you gain new insight into market conditions, you can adapt your offering to find the buyer you need. 

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