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Why You Should Watch a Movie This Weekend

By Bigg Success Staff

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Here’s an important thing to think about the next time you’re preparing to give a speech. 

People will remember how they felt long after they remember what you said.

So your aim should be to stir up the feeling you desire!

When you emotionally connect with your audience, your speech will be a bigg success!

So tell a good story … from beginning to end.

A great way to learn how to tell a story is to watch great movies. That’s why you should watch a movie this weekend – to learn how to give a good speech!

But don’t just watch it – study it! And ask yourself an important question …

If you were making this movie, what would you do differently?

When you watch a movie with that in mind, you will see things in a whole different way. You’ll get an education in the art of storytelling. You’ll also start to develop your own voice, your own style of storytelling.

Then you’ll be able to move your audience to feel what you want them to feel the next time you give a speech. And that will make you memorable!

It’s time to go now … the movie’s starting!

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