Facebook Marketing Tips for 2016 Part 2

Facebook Marketing Tips on the BIGG Success Show

Facebook Marketing Tips Part 2, from expert John Haydon on The BIGG Success Show! We’ve provided show notes below, but throughout this 3-part series, John share’s helpful instruction that you’ll want to hear. Click Play to hear the podcast episode and read along below. – George & Mary-Lynn

We’re getting Facebook Marketing Tips for 2016 from social media guru John Haydon. John is the Founder of Inbound Zombie, a social media strategy firm, and one of the most sought-after digital marketing experts for nonprofits. He is also the author of Facebook Marketing for Dummies* and Facebook Marketing All-in-One for Dummies*.

In Facebook Marketing Tips for 2016 Part 1, we talked about how non-profits and businesses can use Messaging feature for customer service. John also talked about what he calls the “Facebook Funnel”, which is all about getting more browsers to your website so you can convert them to buyers. And part of that is getting visitors to sign up for your email list to better connect with your Facebook followers. Here’s how…

Use Your List for Better Facebook Marketing

Johns says you can upload your email list into a custom audience file into Facebook Ads. He explains step-by-step how to do that on this episode. You can do this with your website audience too. You can use this information to see how many Facebook users are on also on your email list. Then take that information and use it to send targeted ads to those who are on your list. It’s a great way to learn more about your audience.

Data Overload…What to Ignore

Data overload is a challenge that marketers, non-profits and businesses are dealing with. John shares one analytic that isn’t important…your Facebook reach. He says you have more control over engagement, the content you create, how responsive you are to people, etc. John says the 2 levers that are critical to focus on are: good content and being responsive.

The Content Question

A question John gets often from clients: What kind of content should we post?

John says the answer always has to start with: Who are our people, and what do they care about?

Facebook is 100% about friends. People talking to people. Keep in mind, people don’t wake up saying…”Hmm, I wonder what my favorite business is up to today.” Since that’s the case, brands need to ask themselves, “what do our people share, and how can we make them look cool?” Or “How can we be useful to them so they recommend us to their friends?” The challenge is to learn more about your audience and tap into what they care about.

Learn More About Your Facebook Audience

John shares a great way to use Facebook search to learn more about what your fan base is interested in, you’ll want to hear his instruction on the podcast.

John recommends checking out Joe Pulizzi who wrote Content Inc.* In the book, Joe talks about “content tilt”. For example the National Wildlife Federation doesn’t’ just use social media to promote “save the wildlife” Instead, they say “share your cool pictures of wildlife with us.” The reason…they know that their fans are not only avid outdoors people, but they are often also interested in photography. This example goes back to what John said earlier…”what do our people share, and how can we make them look cool?”

John says ultimately the key to getting your community engaged is to think about how can you be useful to the people who care about you.

John HaydonIn Facebook Marketing Tips Part 3:
John shares the one thing he coaches his clients to do to get the best marketing results. He’ll also share some Facebook Ad buying tips that are sure to save you time and money.

John Haydon has lots of free resources and training on his website: JohnHaydon.com.

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