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  1. Nick Schmidt
    Nick Schmidt says:

    Hey Stan. What about a Roth IRA?
    How do you feel about that? Does that work with your family?

    Yea an automatic deduction from your paycheck will totally get you in the mind to invest…

    But, the next step for you would be to leave the money alone for safe keeping.

    The stock market is like gambling. If you want to play the stock market on a daily basis, you might as well go to Vegas.

    But on the long term it has more benefits than Vegas. As long as you diversify your money (spread out),go long term, and try not to worry about it on a daily basis. It’s just going to make you worry even more..

  2. Stan
    Stan says:

    Hey guys, thanks so much for the advice! I’m going to share this with my wife and we’ll give it a shot. You’ve simplified it so much that I’d be silly not to.


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