Bigg Success and the 4 Wicked Witches


Once upon a time, in a land of plenty, there lived a young person named Jordan. Every night, Jordan dreamed of growing up and making a bigg difference in the world. This young person dreamed of bigg success.

Then one night, Jordan had a haunting dream. In the dream, there were four witches. One by one, these witches cast a spell on Jordan that kept the young person from reaching BIGG success.

The Wicked Witch of the North

First, Jordan dreamed of promotions, money, fame and glory. Jordan seemed to naturally attract all of them. Life was going as planned. One success piled on top of another. Bigg success was surely on its way.

Then, right before Jordan’s eyes, the Wicked Witch of the North appeared. With black hat bent, the witch spelled out her curse:

“You have lived a very charmed life.
But now you will face a lot of strife.
On this day, I will work my magic.
The outcome for you will be quite tragic.
The road ahead will be quite rocky.
I’ll take your confidence and make you cocky.”

In Jordan’s dream, the tide quickly turned. Project after project failed. Jordan hadn’t done the same level of research before embarking on these projects. People had tried to tell the young person that these projects wouldn’t work. Jordan didn’t listen because things had always worked out.

Jordan’s cockiness quickly turned to fear – fear of losing it all. The young person was afraid to be found out as a phony – someone who was just a fleeting star. But try as Jordan might, the spiral just kept going down.

The Wicked Witch of the South

In the dream, suddenly there was a pause. Jordan was back in bed. It was as if nothing had happened.

That’s when the Wicked Witch of the South flew in on a broom. With a loud laugh, she released her curse:

“You will try and you will fail.
You won’t stick with it, you will bail.
You won’t think about trying again.
My magic I’ll work, you’ll think you can’t win.”

Sure enough, Jordan could see his future. The young person put a tremendous effort into making a business work. Things started off just great. Jordan was having fun deciding on the name for the business, selecting a logo, buying furniture and computers and setting up a web site.

It was time to take the product to market. But customers didn’t jump on board like Jordan thought they would. It was hard work. Money was tight.

Jordan decided to give up. The young person decided being an entrepreneur wasn’t all it was cracked up to be. Jordan vowed to never take that kind of risk again.

The Wicked Witch of the East

Jordan was whisked far away. It was morning and the sun was squarely in the young person’s eyes. There appeared to be a figure on the path ahead. As Jordan approached, the figure seemed to grow larger and larger.

It was the Wicked Witch of the East. Jordan had never seen such a large person. The old witch leaned over the young person and the sun disappeared.

The voice sounded like a roar as it barked out this command:

“Give up, give up, my little one.
Before I’m through, I’ll have my fun.
I’ll mix up my infamous brew;
a little taste I’ll give to you.
With one taste, on others you’ll depend.
You won’t take charge; it will be your end.”

Jordan could see the future appearing on the horizon. Bad thing after bad thing happened to the young person. But it was always someone else’s fault. Jordan never took responsibility. So the young person never learned from the experience. As time went by, Jordan became more and more dependent on the goodness of others for survival.

Jordan screamed out:

“This is not me, you wicked witch.
Depart from here without a glitch.”

The Wicked Witch of the West

In the dream, this witch was gone. Jordan relaxed, prepared to move on. When suddenly, there was a shimmer of light. The Wicked Witch of the West was in sight.

At first glance, this witch was rather attractive. A second look, however, revealed the witch’s crinkled nose and the large wart on the end of it.

The witch screamed out:

“Hello, hello, my little friend.
I’m glad we met, best wishes I send.
Stick with me and you’ll find gold.
I’ll share the secret and make you bold.
Just give to me some of your money.
You will be rich, my little honey.”

There was a piggy bank on the dresser in Jordan’s bedroom. The young person cracked it open. The witch held forth an open hand as Jordan placed the money in it.

Then the witch cried out:

“I waved my wand with my wrist.
Now you think you will get rich.
You silly fool, do you not know?
I will gain; you’ve lost your dough.”

Jordan woke up in a sweat and realized it was all just a nightmare. It was still dark outside. The clock struck midnight … the witching hour.

Jordan didn’t care. This young person wasn’t scared of wicked witches. It was time to go back to sleep; time to dream of the bigg success to come. And Jordan lived happily ever after.


It’s almost scary how grateful we are that you read our post today. Thanks so much! Please join us next time when we’ll talk about visiting a real haunted house. Until then, here’s to your BIGG success!

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