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Are You a Full Spectrum Leader?

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On our show today, we were thrilled to chat with Terry Starbucker about leadership. Terry has been a leader for over 27 years, including a gig with a pro football team!

Along with Liz Strauss, Terry co-founded SOBCon, the premier conference for successful online businesses. It’s also our favorite!

Listen to the show to hear the whole interview!



Podcast Summary

Terry has a great e-book, Leadership from a Glass Half-Full. It’s FREE on his site! He offers five lessons for new leaders.

One of them is to be a full spectrum leader. Too many leaders get stuck in what Terry calls the “comfortable middle”. The problem is everybody’s unhappy – from the star performers to the under-perfomers.

He also shares a leadership insight he’s gained from his experience with SOBCon. Leaders must create an environment where great minds are stimulated and people feel free to step outside their comfort zone. Then they ask harder questions of themselves and of others. They’re also more willing to help.

If you want to build a successful online business, check out SOBCon Colorado (September 17 & 18) or SOBCon 2011, in Chicago.

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