12 Signs You Might be a Bad Leader

leaderThe inspiration for this post came from a post on Steve Tobak’s blog on BNET.

We had fun with this on the show and went into some detail on each of the points. Listen to the show to hear the whole discussion!



So here are the 12 signs – with a BIGG hat tip to Jeff Foxworthy for style. You might be a bad leader if:

Your people zip their lips – literally – when you show up.

You would rather hear finger nails on a chalk board over and over again, than hear honest feedback from your people.

People are leaving your company faster than a thief who tripped the alarm.

You not only keep your office door closed, you lock it up like Fort Knox.

You hide under your desk so a subordinate with a problem can’t see you.

You bark at your people so much that they’re conspiring to put you down. 

You share the credit for victories like a miser shares money.

When your team suffers defeat, you pass the buck faster than a shopaholic at a going-out-of-business sale.

Every one of your employees suddenly has carpel tunnel syndrome – but only in their middle finger.

You expect your people to say “Yes” more than Meg Ryan’s character in When Harry Met Sally.

Your people have to ask for a bathroom pass.

When they get to the bathroom, they can’t go until you’ve told them how.

What do you think is a sign of a bad leader?

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  1. Carol Roth
    Carol Roth says:

    I love this list. I like to say that everyone’s two favorite game shows are Pass the Buck and the Blame Game…definitely NOT leadership qualities. Thanks for the humor (with a purpose) today


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