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Scott Stratten on UnMarketing-Part 2

UnMarketing Book CoverToday, we continued our conversation with Scott Stratten, author of a great new book, UnMarketing: Stop Marketing, Start Engaging. In Part 1 of our interview, we talked about:

1. what marketing really is

2. how anyone can (and should) engage with customers

3. an error many business owners make in targeting customers

4. 3 simple questions to ask your customers

Listen to the show to hear the second part of the interview!



The Bigg Success Show Podcast Summary

Focus groups may serve a purpose but today business owners can conduct a focus group every day on Twitter or with your e-mail list. In many cases, your customers are craving your attention!

Many business owners feel like social media means giving up control. Scott says they need to realize they never had control – only the veil of control.

We live in a new world of public customer service. That’s awesome for great businesses. It’s horrible for companies that stink. Social media makes them smell worse!

How much would you pay for a tool that helps you:

  • listen to your market?
  • respond to your customers?
  • track your competition?

Social media is that tool and it’s FREE!

Scott shares many more great tips and insights in his book (affiliate link). We highly recommend it to you!

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