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Think Like a Black Belt to Get a Raise

Martial ArtistThis is our very first guest blog post. And we couldn’t think of a better person to bring to you than Jim Bouchard. In addition to being one of our favorite people, Jim is a speaker and author of the fantastic book, Think Like a Black Belt. You can get even more familiar with his work by reading his blog.

You’re long overdue for a raise. You psyche yourself up, straighten your tie and march into your manager’s office.

Let’s do a blow by blow –

“I’ve been working here a long time…”

Are you kidding me? Who cares? This is a sure fire way to get fired – if not now, you’ll be on the list. Longevity does not necessarily make you an asset – it may make you a liability.

“My expenses have been going through the roof. My mortgage is up, my ex is pushing for more alimony and I’m trying to put my kids through school. To be blunt, I need the money…”

Who doesn’t? Don’t you think your boss might have the same problems? Your supervisor may be juggling the real-life needs of several employees against a finite payroll budget.

“I’ve been approached by XYZ Inc. and they’re willing to offer me a very
generous compensation package. I’d rather stay but…”

But? But don’t let the door slap you on the butt on the way out!
Ultimatums force decisions; it may not be the decision you anticipate.

What if you could walk into that office with the courage and confidence of a Black Belt? The Black Belt Mindset is about excellence, and excellence creates value. Whether you want a raise, or if you’re selling a product or service to the public – value is power.

Courage and confidence are products of preparation and training. Let’s get on the mat:

  1. What actual value do you bring to your present position? Be specific. Prepare a list of projects, ideas or clients you’ve handled that have made or saved the company money.
  2. What do you plan to do in the future? What have you been working on that will make a substantive contribution to the organization? Show projected results. Identify a problem and offer a solution.
  3. What are you willing to do to become even more valuable? Have you been doing additional training? Are you looking to expand your responsibilities and skills?
  4. Why is this company important to you? Now is the time to express gratitude for what the company has done for you.

Would you give a raise to a whiner, or to someone you know is completely dedicated to service and continual improvement?

Next time you walk in for a performance review bring the courage and
confidence of a Black Belt, solidly rooted in the knowledge that you bring authentic value to your organization.

Think Like a Black Belt!

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