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How to Make Your Work-Load Lighter Than Air

IFV News and M.INK Productions LogoOn This BIGG Success Show, we welcome two of our favorite entrepreneurs, Marcella Palmer and Shea Maultsby. Among
other things, Marcella is the CEO of
M.INK Productions and the Anchor of
IFV News. Shea is the COO and SFO of M.INK Productions and the Executive Producer of IFV News.

IFV – which stands for In Full View – turns the spotlight on small and medium sized businesses. It's one of our favorite shows online.

In this segment, Marcella and Shea tell us how they are living life on their own terms. Click the player below to listen.



Podcast highlights

Both Marcella and Shea left corporate America to combine all of the best parts of their professional and life experiences to create the products that they've always dreamed about.

Marcella says that because she is so passionate about her craft, what should be a back-breaking entrepreneurial load, feels lighter than air.

Shea says working with both small and medium sized businesses brings her so much joy, and has been so exciting that some days she can't even sit in her skin.

When it comes to their decision to leave the corporate world, they both knew it would be difficult, but with faith and advanced planning, they were able to make their move.

What pushed them to start their own business? Marcella says when she was at CBS Marketwatch, she got a lot of experience in bringing television content to the internet. Something clicked when she realized how important it would be to create video content specifically for the internet.

Marcella and Shea use their top-notch skills to help companies gain a competitive advantage by creating original internet programming through the use of video. Learn more at M.INK Productions, and check out their weekly video program at

Next time, they'll offer up some tips for adding video to your marketing mix without breaking the bank.

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