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Professional Video Tips that Won’t Break the Bank

IFV News and M.INK Productions LogoOn This BIGG Success Show, we continue our discussion with two of our favorite entrepreneurs, Marcella Palmer and Shea Maultsby of M.INK Productions and
IFV News, one of our favorite online vidcasts.

Last time, they told us how they are living life on their own terms. In this segment, Marcella and Shea offer up some tips for adding video to your marketing mix without breaking the bank. Click the player below to listen.



Podcast highlights

In the show, find out what the biggest mistake businesses are making when it comes to video and learn a valuable piece of advice that will help you save money when working with a production company.

5 Quick Tips for Creating Your Own Video that Won't Break the Bank

1. Use a good quality HD camera, not the webcam on your computer.

2. Use a Single-Light Kit for proper lighting.

3. Avoid the wobbles by using a tripod.

4. Don't rely on the microphone in your camera. Get an external stick or lavalier microphone.

5. Look for a simple yet interesting background for your video.

*Bonus: Towards the end of the show, Shea gives you a great idea on how to create a video without having to purchase equipment at all!

Marcella and Shea use their top-notch skills to help companies gain a competitive advantage by creating original internet programming through the use of video. Learn more at M.INK Productions, and check out their weekly video program at

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