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A Bold Career Move May Save Your Life

opening a new career doorWe chat with a number of entrepreneurs day to day. We’ve noticed that a number of them are tired, stressed and even burned out.

In some cases, it’s because of the economy. More often, though, they’re just ready for a new challenge.



We often associate career moves with employees. But even small business owners sometimes need to move on.

There’s good reason to do so: study after study have shown a link between satisfaction at work and our health. Even the person at the top experiences this occasionally.

But for small business owners, it’s not just a matter of changing jobs. It may require a bold move.

Listen to The BIGG Success Show podcast to hear:

  • George share what led to his career move
  • 7 signs that it’s time to move on
  • The surprising thing that happens when entrepreneurs talk about what’s next for them

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