Entrepreneurial Leadership Does Not Happen in the Executive Suite

executive suiteWe were excited about the CBS show, Undercover Boss. This was a learning opportunity from the CEOs of major companies.

But it hasn’t lived up to our expectations. It’s too formulaic. It really comes off as a publicity stunt to us.

However, it made us think about why entrepreneurial leaders should not operate covertly. So, in this BIGG Success Show podcast, we discuss:

  • the small business advantage in engaging employees
  • how one small business CEO leads “in the open”
  • why you can’t lead from the executive suite
  • why the “know – like – trust” continuum doesn’t just apply to customers
  • 3 steps to create employee loyalty

How do you create loyalty?

[haiku url=”http://traffic.libsyn.com/biggsuccess/00670-021011.mp3″ title=”The BIGG Success Show podcast: Entrepreneurial Leadership Does Not Happen in the Executive Suite”]

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