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A Simple Solution for Reaching Your Goals

check off your goalsWe love IFV News. Marcella, Shea and the whole IFV team do a great job bringing small business success stories to life every week on their show.

IFV News recently interviewed Dea Viola. She’s the entrepreneur behind The Baby Flamingo Company and the creator of the Mama Taco Towel.

We recommend watching the whole interview, but we want to highlight one piece of it here. Dea stressed the importance of setting realistic goals.

Setting goals is an important part of reaching BIGG success. But BIGG goal-getters know that “getting” beats “setting.”  So we found the next thing she said incredibly revealing:

“Do one thing every day but remember you can’t do everything every day.”

Spot on!

Stop trying to do everything every day. Just do one thing.
But be consistent. Do one thing every day that moves you to your goal.

Dea stressed the cumulative effect of doing one thing every day – you’ll have 30 things done in a month, 365 completed in the next year.

You reach BIGG success one thing at a time, one day at a time.

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