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The Social Web is the New Wild West for Entrepreneurs

wild-westDon’t fence me in. It’s the anthem for entrepreneurs the world over.

When you hear the song, do you think of the Wild West?

Stars lighting up the sky that goes on forever.

Land stretching on as far as the eye can see.

Freedom from societal expectations.

Opportunity to start a new and better life.

The social web is the new Wild West. The Wild Web is tearing down fences.

Within companies, fences are coming down.

It’s hard to explore new territory in an organization full of people protecting their own turf. So bureaucracies can’t move quickly enough to avoid the many dangers in the Wild Web.

Unless they don’t fence their people in.

Between companies, fences are coming down.

Forget about protecting your borders in the Wild Web. You can’t. Instead, shore up your strengths and work with others who have complementary strengths.

What’s your strength? Let’s talk about it. Send us an e-mail at or leave a voice message at 877.988.BIGG(2444).

Entrepreneurs don’t ever want to be fenced in.

So the Wild Web is perfectly suited for them.

Sure, they see the mountains.

Yes, they know they may not survive in this harsh environment.

But they don’t care about the dangers of the Wild Web. They’ll find a way to move forward or they’ll die trying.

Because they know that there’s a new land grab going on. They sense a new opportunity. Web properties are being settled. And they want their piece of virtual land.

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