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5 Maneuvers for Entrepreneurs to Ride the Waves to BIGG Success

surf the wave of lifeBIGG success is life on your own terms. We know there’s some redundancy in the phrase “your own terms.” We left it in our definition of BIGG success on purpose.

You own your life. As the entrepreneur in charge of this very important enterprise known as your life, you’re in full control. But that doesn’t mean you can control everything that happens.

However, you and you alone have the power to control how you respond. As Jon Kabat-Zinn said:

“You can’t stop the waves, but you can learn to surf.”

So let’s talk about how you learn to surf life’s waves:

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Pick your board

You want a board that feels good to you. It should fit you at this point in your life. You may trade up to another board later, but what’s the right board for you right now?

For example, maybe you’re not ready to start a small business yet. Maybe you should get some experience on someone else’s dime.

You may get that experience working in a small business with which you won’t compete, but one that’s related to the business you want to start. You can learn the fundamentals before trading up to your own business.

Find a wave

At some point, you have to paddle out on your own and find a wave. Some sort of change is occurring in most industries most of the time.

Entrepreneurs know that change leads to opportunity. Look for a change you can ride to BIGG success.

Balance yourself

Put too much weight on the front of your board and you’ll fall off. The same goes for having too much in the rear.

Try to time your ride so you’re in front of most of the other dudes (i.e. your competition) but not so early that customers don’t see the need yet. Educating a market is incredibly expensive and time-consuming.

Keep looking up

If you look down, you’ll fall. So keep your eyes on the horizon so you can turn and maneuver as you ride the wave toward your destination.

Surf with a buddy

It always helps to have a mentor or a coach who can help you master the craft. It helps you reach BIGG success even faster!

Could you use some help learning to surf in your own business? Maybe we can help – check out our coaching packages.

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