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The Biggest Failure of All is Silent

The biggest failure of all is silent | BIGG SuccessIt’s kind of funny in an ironic sense. Yet it is so very sad.

The biggest failure of all is silent.

You can experience this failure and never even realize it.

Day after day, same old same old.

The drudgery. A life of ho-hum.

Breathing, but not living.

Sure, you’re satisfied. But you’re not happy.

Because you choose to do nothing.

Doing nothing – the biggest failure of all.

You may argue with that last statement.

You didn’t choose to do nothing.

To some extent, you’re right.

You didn’t actively choose to do nothing.

It just happened.

But deep down inside, you know that you let it happen.

By not rocking the boat. By settling for the status quo.

By not sticking your neck out. By not trying.

By being so afraid of failure that failure is the only possible outcome.

By doing all these things passively, you actively choose to fail.

You will never know the potential within you.

You will never see the impact that you could have made.

You will never experience the elation of living your passion.

And we all suffer.

We’ll never know how great you could have been either.

BIGG success if life on your own terms.

Today, you can choose to exist or you can choose to live.

You can change careers.

You can start your own small business.

You can do anything you want to do.

You just have to choose to do something.

Sure, it’s scary.

Sure, it’s not easy.

Maybe we can help.

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