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be a bigg success | BIGG SuccessIf you’re a regular here, you know that we love quotes. And today we want to share two quotes by two men with two points-of-view.

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Start with your life

“When we talk about settling the world’s problems, we’re barking up the wrong tree. The world is perfect. It’s a mess. It has always been a mess. We are not going to change it. Our job is to straighten out our own lives.”

~ Joseph Campbell

It’s an interesting perspective. It’s life on your own terms. It’s about your life. It puts the focus on what we can control. It encourages each one of us to take responsibility for our own life.

However, there’s a negativity to it. A sort of deterministic attitude about the major problems of the world.

See beyond the horizon

“The problems of the world cannot possibly be solved by skeptics or cynics whose horizons are limited by the obvious realities. We need men who can dream of things that never were.”

~ John Kennedy

It’s optimistic and expansive. It encourages us to go beyond the limitations we often place on ourselves. To look just past the horizon. To dream BIGG dreams. To accomplish BIGG things.

We need you to be an entrepreneur

BIGG success is about entrepreneuring your life. We need entrepreneurs in all walks of life – entrepreneurs in the corporate world, in politics, in academia, in the non-profit world and, of course, in the traditional sense.

We need you to be an entrepreneur. No matter what your station in life.

We need you to tackle your own challenges. We need you to grow.

Then you’ll be ready for an even bigger test. So you can help create a better world for other people.

We need you to see things as they really are.

No “perception is reality” hogwash. You see the objective reality. An honest assessment of yourself and the world around you.

We need you to see things as they really are before you can evolve to the next phase.

We need you to see things as they could be

Starting with yourself, of course. What could you be? How can you get from your current reality to this future reality? How can you become all that you know you were meant to be?

And then, because you’re a BIGG goal-getter, you won’t stop there.

You’ll see the world around you. You’ll see people who need your help.

You’ll find a solution to their problem. You’ll add value to their life. When you do this, you’ll create value in your own life.

Yes, entrepreneurs are the answer to the world’s problems. We need you to be an entrepreneur. We need you to knock down the obstacles and create a world that only you can create. We need you to be a BIGG success!

Will you join us? What problem would you like to see eliminated? What cause are you passionate about?

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