What Is the True Meaning of Success?

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What does success mean? Different things to different people. That’s true. But if we’re to truly understand a subject, we have to clarify its meaning. What is the true meaning of success?

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Let’s start with the dictionary’s definition of success. In general, success is achieving something attempted.

Seems like an adequate description…at first glance. But how about when you stop and think about it?

There’s a piece missing. And it’s such a glaring oversight. It’s so BIGG, we felt the need to differentiate “BIGG success” from the “success” described in the dictionary.

Let’s consider an example. Lets run with the dictionary on the meaning of success: achieving something attempted. So if a person attempts to rob a bank, and actually robs said bank, is that person a success?

Is actuality the driver? In other words, is completion of the task at hand all that matters?

We think not.

That’s why we created BIGG Success – to distinguish between “garden-variety success” and meaningful success. Because actuality is only part of the meaning. The worthiness of the task also comes into play. Not only its effect on you, but also its effect on others, on the world – or at least your corner of it.

You see, there are two types of actualities: zero-sum and value-added.

Zero-sum actualities

The first type is zero-sum actualities. Robbing a bank is an example of a zero-sum actuality. The bank robber wins. Everyone else loses.

At least in the short-run.

However, that’s another shortfall in the traditional definition of success. It doesn’t address the long-term. The robber may get caught. He or she may spend time in jail. Breaking the rules – be it the laws of the land or moral codes handed down from generation to generation – can carry a high cost.

After all: “What good would it do to get everything you want and lose you, the real you? (The Message, Mark 8:36)

Value-added actualities

The second type of actuality is value-added actualities. It’s adding value in the lives of others, and in so doing, creating value for yourself. This is a sustainable achievement, in the short- and the long-run. This is meaningful success. BIGG success.

Let’s go to “The Professor’s whiteboard for the true meaning of BIGG success.

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BIGG success is inner peace, which flows from three sources.

#1) Finding and fulfilling your calling

#2) Striving daily to reach your full potential

#3) Staying true to your vision, mission, and values

Let’s look at these sources one at a time.

#1: To be a BIGG success, you must find your calling and seek to fulfill it.

We think of this as your arena of service.

What is your reason for being? Why are you here? What do you feel called to do with your life? What have you been preparing for your whole life?

And once you figure that out, the really important question arises: What are you doing about it?

You see, BIGG success isn’t a selfish endeavor. Surprisingly, it’s less about you and more about others. Who are you serving?

#2) To be a BIGG success, you must strive daily to live up to your full potential.

Strive is such a perfect word to describe the journey to BIGG success. Achievements which come easily simply aren’t as fulfilling as those where we face some struggles.

You must learn. You must grow. And remember, for us humanoids, growth occurs just past the point where what we know intersects with what we don’t know. You have to stretch yourself. When you strive to get better, your well-being increases.

Now we’ll warn you – it isn’t always fun when you’re in the middle of the mess. But once you work it all out, you realize how much you’ve grown as a result. You’re able to serve more people or serve the ones you’re serving now better. And it serves you well as well.

One final point to this point, note the order. BIGG success starts with “finding your calling”. “Reaching your full potential” is the daily journey to fulfill that calling.

#3) To be a BIGG success, you must stay true to your vision, mission, and values.

Guard against getting bogged down with things which don’t fulfill your calling. And you’ll never experience inner peace if you’re not proud of the man or woman you see in the mirror.

Do the right things right for your personal, professional, and financial success!

BIGG Takeaway

We think the true meaning of BIGG success is a bigger success than the success defined in the dictionary. Carry this expanded view in your mind. It will help you make a BIGG difference in the lives of others. And in so doing, you’ll see a BIGG difference in your life as well. That’s win/win. That’s BIGG success!

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