image of arena with open roof showing clouds and the blog title: Your Arena of Service

Your Arena of Service

image of arena with open roof showing clouds and the blog title: Your Arena of Service

Your arena of service is the place where you can make the greatest positive impact in the life of others, and, in so doing, in your life as well.

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We discussed calling and your arena of service on The BIGG Success Show. Here’s a summary of that discussion.

This show was inspired by our last show, where we shared 5 easy steps to personal leadership. We had so much material left when we were done, we felt it warranted another show. We hope you agree.

According to the dictionary, “success” is the accomplishment of something you set out to do. But what if that accomplishment harms others? Is that success?

We think not. That’s why we talk about “BIGG success”, rather than just “success”.

BIGG success is inner peace which flows from three sources:

1) finding and fulfilling your calling
2) striving daily to reach your full potential
3) staying true to your vision and values

We want to talk about the first one today. BIGG success starts by finding and fulfilling your calling.

Calling and Passion

“Follow your passion.” How many times have you heard that? Probably in the hundreds, if not thousands, of times, right?

Passion has its plusses. The problem we have with “the passion doctrine” is that it’s a partial truth. Passion is a roaring fire. A lot of people who follow their passion end up getting burned. The passion flares up, then quickly weakens.

Calling is more like a smoldering fire. It keeps burning. Just poke it a little bit to get flames to fire up and provide more heat.

Without question, passion motivates. But we tend to romanticize our passion. When the blinders come off, when we run head-first into the inevitable obstacles, our motivation quickly wanes.

Motivation without a calling is like a tire with a nail in it. You have to keep pumping it up. But before long, it’s flat again.

Calling provides lasting motivation. Calling drives you past those inevitable obstacles.

Your choice

So you have a choice to make, when it comes to your calling:

Will you live the rest of your life being somebody you don’t want to be? Will you ignore your calling?


Will you live the life you feel called to live?

Before you answer…

The path to meaning and fulfillment

Picture this: There’s a group of people. They have a problem. Perhaps they are underserved, maybe even unserved. They feel unnoticed, unattended, unloved. They may be alone and scared.

There is only one person alive today who has the ability to help them. That someone is you. Will you help them?

There is a reason you are alive. You have a role to play in people’s lives. With every role we play, we have a duty. It’s a word which many people see as cringeworthy. The two of us disagree. There is honor in duty.

When you’re fulfilling your calling, duty isn’t a grind. It’s a joy!

Your calling drives you to do the things you need to do to succeed. Some of these things are hard. And that’s good!

Because positive psychologists teach us that it’s the hard stuff – not the easy stuff – that brings meaning and fulfillment to our lives.

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Your arena of service

Should you choose to live the life you feel called to live, you’ll want to think about your arena of service. An “arena” is a place of activity.

Your “place” may be physical or virtual. It may be professional or personal, work or home. It is the environment in which you fulfill your calling.

Note that an arena is a place of “activity.” You won’t fulfill your calling by talking. You fulfill it by doing. Let’s say you feel called to be a speaker. You don’t fulfill this calling by talking about giving speeches. You fulfill your calling by actually giving speeches.

The “service” in “arena of service” emphasizes that it’s NOT about you. It’s about helping others. Lifting people up. Making a BIGG impact in the lives of others. And, in so doing, making a BIGG impact in your life.

Rewards follow you when you follow your calling!

An example: Our arena of service

We’ll use ourselves as an example so you can see the arena of service at work. At BIGG Success, we help good people have more money to do more good.

Place (where you do what you do)

In our arena of service, we are mostly virtual. Our “home” online is BIGG Success. You can also find us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and LinkedIn, to name a few. “Place” is important if you want to serve more people.

Activity (what you do)

We create content and coach people, to help them learn and earn. One example is the podcast you’re listening to right now. And the blog that goes with it. We publish a newsletter which goes beyond the podcast. We also coach people who want to reach their goals faster. There’s more, but you get the idea.

Service (who you do it for)

In our arena, we see ourselves helping a whole lot of good people make a whole lot more money. We leverage our strengths to help them, not just learn more, but to do more. So collectively, we make a bigger impact on the world.

Do. More. Good. That’s BIGG success!

What is your arena of service?

Here’s to your BIGG success!

George “The Professor” & Mary-Lynn
signatures: George & Mary-Lynn
Co-Founders, BIGG Success

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