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Must You Sell Your Soul to Be a BIGG Success?

must you sell your soul to succeed | BIGG SuccessMany people think so. Is it because…

They’ve tried to be a BIGG success but failed?

They don’t have the will to try again?

They’re scared of success?

They don’t know how to reach BIGG success?

They have some mistaken belief about values and success?


So they convince themselves that to reach BIGG success…


You treat people worse than you’d treat any animal?

You don’t hesitate to walk all over anyone who gets in your way?

You can’t have a conscience?

You have to be evil?


We can’t dispute that there are people who fit this mode. They have achieved a significant level of success in their career.

But that’s not BIGG success. BIGG success is about succeeding in life.

And, as far as we can tell, your career is only a part of your life. A significant part, to be sure, but only part.

Is it BIGG success when you have more money than you ever imagined but the only real friends you have are on your payroll?

Is it BIGG success when you receive untold recognition for your work but your spouse and kids barely know you?

Is it BIGG success when you have fame and fortune but still feel such a void that you turn to drugs, alcohol or some other substance?

We think not. We think that to reach BIGG success…

You’ll discover who you really are.

You’ll find your reason for being and pursue your destiny.

You’ll build untold character from the inevitable struggles.

You’ll help others and, in doing so, you’ll be better off.


In short…you won’t lose your soul. You’ll find it.

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