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How to Know Who You Are

who am I | BIGG SuccessIt’s the question mankind has asked since we moved past foraging for food every day. It’s the root question of all philosophical studies.

The question is…

Who am I?

We humans have an instinctual desire to find our true selves. And while the subject seems very complex, there’s a very simple way to discover who you really are.

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You are what you do. You do what you are.

Say it however you want, there’s one sure way to get to know a man or woman – watch their actions.

Your actions are evidence. They demonstrate who you really are, deep down inside yourself.

It’s manifestation. The invisible becomes visible.

You show the world your true self through your actions.

Where opportunity lies

If you see a person who habitually lashes out in anger, you’ve seen an individual who is angry with themselves.

If you see someone who regularly acts out of kindness, you’ve seen a person with a kind heart.

If you see a man or woman who is apathetic about their work, you’ve seen a person who doesn’t care about anything.

If you see a person who is meticulous in their work, you’ve seen a meticulous person.

Every project, every task, every interaction is an opportunity. An opportunity to discover who you really are.

If you’re happy with the discovery, great. If not, what will you do about it?

Who are they?

One thing you can do about it is think about who you spend time with. You’ve asked yourself, “Who am I?” Now ask yourself, “Who are they?”

How do you know? By what they do!

Are they up-and-comers or down-and-outers?

You won’t win in the physical world until you win in the mental arena.

And neither will they! By hanging out with them, you’ll only pull yourself down.

Your mind’s eye view

You can’t change anyone else but you can change you. So another thing to do is think about what you think about.

In your mind’s eye, do you see a future that is bigger, better and brighter or do you see things mostly the same?

Do you see yourself in control of your future? Or do you see yourself just letting fate have its way with you?

You and you alone determine how your life will turn out. You can choose to fulfill your destiny. Or you can just let the winds blow you where they may.

What’s around you?

Also consider your environment. What is it like? Is it a largely positive influence? Does it help you live up to your potential? Or do your surroundings hold you back?

What do you feed yourself?

And what do you feed yourself? We’re not talking food here. We’re talking about your mental diet. Remember, garbage in, garbage out.

Your character is manifested by your behaviors. They show who you truly are. You have to change on the inside first. The good news is that it leads to BIGG success.

Is there a change you’re having trouble making? Maybe we can help.

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