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The Single Reason to Network All the Time

network all the time for BIGG SuccessWe hear it said all the time – network, network, network.

Most new jobs are found through a referral from the job changer’s network.

Your BIGG idea – for your life, your career, or your startup – will likely come from your network.

The capital you need for your business will likely come from someone you know or someone they know.

If you’re married, you met your spouse thanks to networking.

Networks make things happen. Who you know counts at least as much as what you know.

Your network is a huge resource. It’s one of your single, most significant assets.

It’s there, working for you. It makes your life easier.

It helps you get to places you could never get on your own. It can’t guarantee BIGG success, but it can accelerate your progress to it.

All of that is well and good. But why should you network all the time?

Because you never know.

You never know when the person you meet today will help you.
You never know when you will be able to help them.
You never know when the goodwill you build will come back to you.

You just never know.

You just never know when an opportunity will present itself.
You just never know when your life will change forever.
You just never know when you will change someone else’s life forever.

As Chuck Brodsky said:

“We are each other’s angels; we meet when it is time.”

Since we don’t know when it’s time, networking all the time leads to BIGG success!

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