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The Dirty Little Secret About Entrepreneuring

the dirty little secret about entrepreneurship | BIGG SuccessWe’ve been hit squarely in the face with a dirty little secret. Two of our entrepreneurial friends recently shared it with us on separate occasions.

It’s something we don’t talk about much. Many entrepreneurs never talk about it at all.

We don’t want to admit it. We’re ashamed. We think talking about it makes us look weaker. We believe we’re the only one who feels it.

But we’re not going to keep the secret. We want to talk about it today to shine light on it.

Whether you’re a start-up entrepreneur or an existing entrepreneur, we’re talking about it today so you realize that you can gain strength by talking about it when it happens to you.

If you’re a will-be entrepreneur, we’re bringing it up today so you know you should expect it to happen to you and you can prepare for it.

We’re talking about it today so you know that you’re not alone. And that’s the dirty little secret…

Entrepreneuring is the loneliest occupation of all.

So low entrepreneurs

It can be especially lonely in the early stages. It’s hard sometimes when it’s just you. Solo entrepreneurs are often so low.

It truly is lonely at the top. And the bottom. It’s hard when you’re the CXO and the janitor.

But don’t think it only happens when it’s just you. We’re a couple in business. We feel it too.

Perhaps most surprisingly…

You can have people all around you and still feel lonely.

You may have a great group of employees, but still feel isolated.

You might have a supportive spouse and family. But the burdens are not theirs to bear.

Sometimes you have to go it alone.

And usually those times are reserved for when you need help the most:

When you’re struggling.

When you’re up against a milestone.

When you don’t have the answer.

When you’re down in the dumps.

When you’re stressed beyond a level mere mortals could never understand.

These are the times when you have to dig deep and find that reservoir of strength.

These are the times when you discover you can handle more stress than you ever imagined.

These are the times that make you stronger.

These are the times that prepare you for BIGG success.

So as tough as it may be, you can be thankful for these times.

You can be glad you are you. You are a winner. And you will find a way.

You can do it on your own, but you don’t have to.

Our main reason for posting this here today is to help you realize this. You’re not alone.

It doesn’t make you look weak. There’s no reason to be embarrassed about it.

It’s okay to talk about it. As long as you’re in the right audience.

And that’s why we’re sharing it with you. If you’ve read this far, you get it. We get it. Because we’re fellow entrepreneurs.

And that’s the only group that can get it. So reach out to other entrepreneurs.

Reach out to us when you’re feeling isolated. Maybe you’ll allow us to reach out to you when we’re in the same boat.

As fellow entrepreneurs, we need to be here for each other. It will help us all reach BIGG success!

Have you experienced the loneliness of being an entrepreneur?

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