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The Recipe for Success with Your Partner and Key People

The recipe for BIGG SuccessCatherine Morgan over at the PointAtoPointBTransitions blog recently wrote a great post about using your “lens” in your decision making process.

When evaluating opportunities, she encourages us to use our “lens” to find the right fit and to filter out those that aren’t.

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Catherine provides a couple of examples: A client who is using his lens to evaluate his next career step and a solopreneur who is using her lens to find companies with the budget for her core services.

Our lenses

We thought we’d share our lenses with you because it will help illustrate the recipe for success in your relationships.


Mary-Lynn FosterI look for win/win and have the courage to walk away when that doesn’t end up in the equation. I take time to consider the opportunity. I weigh out the good and the bad. I’m careful to not inject “good” where it isn’t simply because I want it to be there. I’m equally cautious to not put something in the “bad” column because it takes me out of my comfort zone. In the end, my decision is based on what is right for me, and I’ve learned this through past decisions that were both correct & incorrect.


George Krueger I’ve learned the hard way that I’m terribly optimistic. So I look at the downside of opportunities. The faster I can get to “No”, the better. If the risk can’t be reduced to an acceptable level, I pass. If the risk is tolerable, then I weigh it against the financial and non-monetary rewards.


The power of different lenses

Mary-Lynn FosterSo, we both see opportunity through very different lenses. You can see I bring more emotion into it, while George is highly logical.


So you might think the two of us would have a challenge coming together when we’re making decisions as a married couple or as partners in BIGG Success.

But the opposite is actually true. The two approaches help us make better decisions.

They’re part of the recipe for success with your partner and other key people in your life. And that’s the point we want to make today.

In your quest for BIGG success, you need to align yourself with people who approach challenges and opportunities from a different mindset.

But you can’t leave these critical ingredients out…

Now, we hasten to add – you need a shared vision and values with these key people in your life and your business. Otherwise, it won’t work.

But once you have that foundation to build upon, differences create more value.

Now, it can lead to some pretty spirited discussions. Arguments even!

But healthy ones at that. As long as you add one more vital ingredient to this recipe for success – respect.

You have to respect where the other person is coming from and what they’re saying even if you don’t agree.

So mix a little respect with a shared vision and values and then spice it up with some differences. It’s the recipe for BIGG success!

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