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These Zombies Feast on Entrepreneurs

zombies that feed on entrepreneurs | BIGG SuccessWe’re sure you’ve seen them. They’re all around us.

Zombies. Only not the Hollywood variety.

Oh no, these are the scariest zombies of them all.

That’s because they seem normal enough. They wear the same styles of clothes, drive the same kinds of cars and occupy the same types of houses as the rest of us.

But beware.

They may not look like death warmed over. They may not have the stench of a corpse.

They are not the living dead. They are the dead living.

And you won’t like what they feed on. They gobble up your entrepreneurial heart, brain and spirit.

They feast on your heart

You’re a good person. You care for other people. But these zombies will use that to tear you down. They feast on your heart.

They’ll make you think they want success just as bad as you do. But in reality, they’re perfectly happy right where they are.

And what they really want is to keep you there with them.

They don’t want you to succeed. Your disappointments fill them up.

They want you in the dumps with them. They are misery and they love your company if you’ll give it to them.

If you taste success, they’re afraid you won’t need them anymore. So they do everything they can to sabotage your success.

They feed on your brain

You’re a sharp cookie with lots of great ideas. These zombies don’t have any ideas of their own. So they feed on yours.

You never know when they will steal your idea and take all the credit for it. If they can’t steal it, they will try to bury it.

They don’t want your ideas to see the light of day.

They devour your spirit

These zombies are incredibly negative. They are always quick to point out the downside.

They talk about how bad the company is. They talk bad about customers. They talk bad about co-workers.

They talk bad about everything. Their life sucks. Everything sucks.

And they never take responsibility for anything. It’s their parents’ fault – or their spouse’s fault – or the fault of their boss.

The negativity of these zombies quickly devours your spirit. It’s hard to stay positive in the face of all their utterly depressing conversation.

These zombies are stuck in the world of the dead living. Few ever escape. But they’re always trying to drag you into their world.

So beware for your BIGG success!

Have you encountered this kind of zombie?

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