Work ON Your Business for BIGG Success

How to Work ON Your Business

Work ON Your Business for BIGG Success

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How do I work on my business? We often get this question from business owners. They are confused and even frustrated.

They’ve heard someone somewhere say:

“You should work on your business, not in it.”

It’s a catchy phrase, popularized by Michael Gerber in The E-Myth.

It sounds simple enough. And it is, on the surface. But once you really try to process it, you just don’t get it. You’re not alone!

How can you find the time to work on your business?
You don’t need one more thing on your to-do list. There aren’t enough hours in the day already.

You’re busy with important things like serving customers, managing the workflow and even just getting the work done.

After all, somebody has to work in the business!

So what can you do?
We won’t mince words – it’s not easy. However, there is a simple solution.

It’s not an obvious solution, until you hear it. Many business owners completely miss it. They just never think of it. Here’s the secret:

You start working on your business by working in your business!

And hey, you’re already doing that every day! The smaller you are, the better. The earlier it is in the history of your business, the better.

So how do you do it?
Document your day-to-day activities.

Sure, this will take a little time. However, it’s an investment in your future. It creates the foundation on which you build your whole business.

You don’t have to do it all at once. Set goals for yourself. You may only document one task a day. Even one a week will get you ahead over time.

But task by task, day by day, week by week, you’ll build the critical infrastructure you need. When your business takes off, you’ll be able to hire and train people quickly.

Then you’ll have more time to work on your business while others work in your business. That’s BIGG success!

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