Decide what to do next

Decide What to Do Next

Decide what to do next
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Hey – want to go out for lunch today?

Sure. Where do you want to go?

I don’t know…where do you want to go?

I asked you first!

Um…well let’s see – we could…

And the conversation continues.

How long does it take to make a decision?

Too long, in many cases. After all, this isn’t a BIGG decision. But we’re not through yet…

What are you going to have?

I’m thinking about the special, but I should get the salad.

I know – the special sounds so good. But the last time I was here, I had their signature sandwich and it was fantastic!

Oh, I hadn’t noticed that.

Here comes our server. Do you know what you want?

No – let’s tell ‘em we need more time.

Why does it take so long to make a simple decision – like what you want for lunch?

It’s the perfect example for a challenge we see many people facing today.

Brain static
“I have too much static in my brain.” That’s how one entrepreneur described it to us.

It’s a common theme – we hear it over and as we talk with people who are considering a career change, starting a business or trying to grow an existing business.

Brain overload

Our brains are overloaded. We’re overwhelmed with options.

Which one should we choose?

We’re afraid of making the wrong decision. We’re afraid to choose because another choice might have been better.

The great unknown

And especially when it comes to changing careers, starting a business, picking a strategy to grow a business and other major decisions, we’re afraid of the great unknown.

We can’t see what might lie ahead. And things change so fast these days.

Sure, you can set goals. But how do you hit a moving target?

Change creates uncertainty. Making decisions in the face of uncertainty is scary.

The result? Buffering Brain

The result of all of these choices, complexity, changes, and uncertainty?

Many people freeze up. They don’t make decisions; they defer them.

They end up in this infinite loop – kind of like the little wheel you see when a video is buffering. And it never loads – it just keeps spinning and spinning and spinning.

They’re suffering from one of the worst ailments we face today…

Buffering Brain Syndrome!

We’ve been there. We felt this way when we moved from separate careers in the bricks-and-mortar world to BIGG Success. We felt this in our early days as we weighed our options to offer products, programs and services.

Fortunately, we developed a process which we’ve been able to use on more recent decisions – like turning our podcast, The BIGG Success Show, into a syndicated radio show, BIGG Success in a Minute and starting The BIGG Success Enteprenurturing™ Center.

How did we do it? What’s the cure for Buffering Brain Syndrome? How can you decide what to do next?

We answer that question in a FREE special report we just created. It’s called DECIDE! 5 Keys to Know What to Do Next. In it…

  • We discuss five things you’ve been told true which hold you back today.
  • We also share the single, simple secret to making decisions today about what to do next.
  • And, as the title says, you’ll discover five keys to moving forward in spite of the clutter, complexity, change, and uncertainty.
  • So you know you’re making the best decision for you.
  • So you can feel completely confident that you’re making the right move.
  • And so you can move forward with no fear.

So what’s your next step?

Get instant access to DECIDE! 5 Keys to Know What to Do Next by simply entering your name and e-mail in the box below.

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