Create Your Future

Traditional planning requires you to predict the future. Entrepreneurs know it’s impossible. You have to create your future.

Twelve months from now, how will the economy be doing?

Where will interest rates be?

If you can’t answer with confidence, you’re not alone.

The problem with planning

It highlights the problem with planning – more specifically, the kind of planning we learned in school:

Traditional planning requires you to predict the future.

But how can you predict the future when the world changes so fast?

Stop trying. Avoid this problem by thinking like an entrepreneur:

Create your future.

Traditional vs. Entrepreneurial Planning

Entrepreneurs don’t try to predict the future. They create it.

Let’s look at the difference.

Traditional planning starts by setting a goal. To do this, you have to predict the future. With a goal in mind, you gather the resources needed to reach it. Then you take action.

Entrepreneurial planning starts with your resources. Ask:

What can you do with the resources you already have?

Once you have something in mind, take action. Let the goals materialize as you gather information.

That’s how you create your future.

Traditional planning is about resource utilization.

Entrepreneurial planning is about resource accumulation.

Let’s look at an example…

Create your future without debt

Let’s say you notice you’re often short of money. So ask:

What can you do with the resources you already have?

You decide to try bringing lunch one day a week, instead of eating out every day. You’ll see if it makes a difference.

You save $10 a week. So, at the end of the month, you have $40 to pare.

You decide to use it to pay down a debt. Your payment is $20. You pay $60. In a few months, that debt is paid off.

You just gained more resources. You have the $40 you’re saving by bringing your lunch once a week. You also have the $20 you were paying the lender for the debt.

If you choose, you can take that $60 to pay down another debt. And so it goes. Eventually, you’ll be debt-free.

And it all started with $10 a week saved on eating out.

So stop trying to make predictions. Create your future.

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