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A Word About Marketing Your Business

zero in for BIGG Success

This post is a shortened version of the article May We Have a Word About Your Business? in the BIGG Success Entreprenurturing™ Center. Join free to gain instant access and see eight ways for marketing your business with the concept discussed here.   

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BIGG success is life on your own terms. If you’re a solo entrepreneur or part of the growing number of couples in business, you get that. So let’s extend the concept just a little.

Since your business is part of your life, what is your term for your business? At its essence, what is it all about?

May we have a word about your business?

Cut through the clutter

When you can describe your business in a single word (or even a short phrase), you instantly cut through the clutter in your own mind.

You can also communicate better with your existing and future customers.

Isn’t that one of your goals when you’re marketing your business?

Zeroing in bears fruit!

Does it scare people away?

Now we want to address the look of utter fear we see on a few faces. We hear your question:

Won’t I turn a lot of people away? I mean, if I say my whole business is about this one term, won’t people who don’t relate to that word go somewhere else?

To which we respond:

Yes they will! And good riddance!

It’s not because they’re bad people; we’re not judging that.

It’s because they’re the wrong people. And you know what happens when you attract the wrong people to be your customers?

They’re miserable. And they let you know it! So you’re miserable. Misery loves your company!

You’ll get discouraged. The passion you once felt will be gone. The energy you brought to bear every day will be fleeting. The dream will become a nightmare.

But even worse – you won’t make the kind of money you should. So the result is financial trouble coupled with emotional turmoil.

May we have a word about your business? It will help you attract the right customers who are thrilled with what you do, willingly pay you to do it, and tell others how great you are.

Our term is entreprenurturing™. What’s yours?

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