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The Problem with Network Marketing on LinkedIn

Network Marketing

Network marketing on LinkedIn needs finesse – much like any networking or marketing done anywhere for that matter! Click PLAY to hear George & Mary-Lynn discuss this on The BIGG Success Show Podcast.

Network marketing on LinkedIn should be like peanut butter and jelly. However, many network marketeering practitioners make a critical mistake. Here’s an example:

[George] I recently received a LinkedIn connection request from a person who shall remain nameless. I accepted and sent a follow-up message thanking him for reaching out. He replied…

“Hey George, Great connecting with you as well… How can you help me with my biz opp…” The message went on to explain his network marketing opportunity.

Because of the nature of BIGG Success, I’m pretty open to connection requests. But this was my first correspondence with this particular person.

We hasten to add:

  • This recent example is by no means the only.
  • We’re not involved in network marketing.
  • We believe network marketing is a viable distribution channel.
  • We admire people who succeed in this field.

However, many network marketers don’t understand the culture of LinkedIn. That’s the problem. It leaves a bad taste which affects true network marketing professionals.

How can you rise above other practitioners? How can you capitalize on the power of LinkedIn to grow your business? Here are three suggestions to get better results faster:

Network marketing on LinkedIn requires the “you” view

Not you. Them. The person you’re having a conversation with.

This is a foundational concept in all sales communications. What’s in it for me?
When you reach out to someone on LinkedIn, that’s the question they’re asking.

Do you see the answer in the example above? No. Here’s what you see: “How can you help me with my biz opp…”

It’s the opposite of “you” view. It’s “me” view.

People don’t buy, join or sign up for you. They do so for themselves.

If you only present your reasons, they’ll find plenty of reasons NOT to do what you want.

Network marketing on LinkedIn starts with connecting, not connections

When you see someone you want to connect with, what do you actually see?

A real life flesh-and-bones person? A person you think might be interesting to know? A human being you’d like to learn more about?

Many people see dollar signs. They can be spotted a thousand miles away. They can’t help but show their true color – green. It’s all about money.

Of course, you should be excited about the products or services you sell. You should be enthusiastic about your opportunity.

But timing is everything. Your initial correspondence with a new connection shouldn’t be a pitch. Focus first on connecting on a human level. Money follows.

Network marketing on LinkedIn means helping, not hunting

Don’t pounce. Prospects aren’t prey.

How can you prescribe a solution when you haven’t diagnosed the problem?

Yeah, we know. You offer something everyone should be interested in.

Baloney. That mindset is a recipe for wasting time. You don’t see the qualified prospects through the mass of connections.

Don’t hunt. Help.

As you get to know the person, you’ll likely find ways to be of service. In many cases, it may be unrelated to what you do.

It may not even be about business. You may share an article or resource about a hobby or other interest of theirs. You relate to them on a human level.

The relationship grows. Trust builds. Then you’ll find plenty of opportunities to share your opportunity.

It’s about more than network marketing on LinkedIn

It turns out that these suggestions go beyond network marketing and LinkedIn. They apply to sales in general. They apply to all networking – not just social networking or networking on LinkedIn.

We must confess we’ve learned this from experience. Not on LinkedIn, but in other ways – we’ve been too exuberant at times about our own business. We learned the hard way. We’re sharing with you so you can avoid our mistakes.

LinkedIn is a powerful tool for professionals who want to find, connect, and engage with prospects and customers. Follow these tips for your BIGG success!

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